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How Do Digital Marketers Identify Primary Competitors?

Many influencer marketing agency Thailand is focusing on digital market success. However, only this will not suffice to generate more leads. There is another main thing that many e-commerce agency Thailand are not paying attention to is competitors; you must outsmart your competitors to reach more people and make your campaign successful. But, until you know your competitors, it is not easy to make counter-strategies. In digital marketing, like our life, there will be direct and indirect competitors. So, let us find how Thailand online marketing agencies find the competitors.

Finding Direct competitors

Direct competitors are those publishers and companies who market or sell services and products as you do. Here is how agencies in Marketing in Thailand find them.

Market Research

If you perform market research, you can easily find out the direct competitors.  Discuss with the sales team and understand which company products give them strong competition in the sales process. If you know this, then observing and making strategies are easy.

Obtain customer feedback

Talking and getting honest feedback from the customers helps in knowing the competitors who are not even on your radar sometimes. A successful social media agency conduct the feedback process, and from them, it is easy to get multiple competitors’ names. You can also ask them what alternative product they are considering buying.

Observe social media, community forums

In the modern era, people often visit user communities, forums and social media while buying a product. They want to see the recommendations and reviews of the products from other customers. If you investigate such conservations on major platforms like Reddit, Quora, you can easily get to know your competitors.

Finding Indirect Competitors

These competitors don’t sell or market the product as you do. But they compete with you digitally by producing the content like you do and use the same keywords. It will result in distributing the audience. So, here is how digital marketing agency service provider finds indirect competitors.

Keyword Research

Keywords research is the best way to find out your competitor. If you perform the competitive SEO analysis, you can find out your rivals in digital marketing. To conduct this analysis, you can get help from the top digital agency. 

Study Google search engine

Many indirect competitors post content that similar to yours. If you study the value proposition of your product, you can identify the keywords which are essential to your products. Once you find out the keyword, search in google and determine who your competitors are.

Analyze Paid data

Now go to Adsense and scan the keywords that you determined in the first two steps. And scan those keywords and find out there is more competition for the same keywords. Many companies, with the help of the top digital agency, purchase the keywords to get more space on google.  Those paid companies are your competitors.

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