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How Content Marketing, SEO Strategies, and Social Media Can Help your Business

Social Media has become the next frontier for the business and marketing world. A business-savvy person just cannot ignore how powerful this platform is. Most of the time, a lot of people spend the most on social media sites when they’re on the internet. For this reason alone, businesses should capitalize on this potential.

Other old school entrepreneurs will simply brush off the idea of using social media as a means of delivering their product because of unforgotten and undying trends. They fail to see the massive potential in it. For them, it is a fad that will soon cease, and therefore conclude that it is not worth the risk.

Although social media is a potent platform that can help your business thrive, social media alone won’t cut it. To better assist you in working with social media, you need to have a sound SEO strategy and excellent content to provide your audience with. With these two crucial elements, you’ll end up with a great formula that can immediately boost your business.

To attract viewers, you need to have relevant, engaging content, and in line with your audience’s interests. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, involves tasks and strategies that can make your content or website more visible. Without SEO, any content that you produce, whether good or not, won’t even draw the attention of your audience. Here are some more ways that this excellent strategy can help your business flourish.


Whatever it is you are trying to sell, if no one sees it, you might as well not sell it all together. For you to reap the benefits of Social Media, your product must be visible. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile in giving your product a boost.

For extra help, platforms such as Facebook, offer boosting programs that can help your content be more visible. Of course, you do have to shell out some money for this. This is a necessary cost that can potentially skyrocket your ads towards your viewers.

Brand Recognition

When you’re selling something online, chances are that someone’s already selling that product. Let’s say that you’re in the business of making pizza and delivering it to your patrons. What makes your pizza different from that of Papa Johns? What about your Dominos? As you can see, there are lots of heavyweights already present online. With the help of content, social media, and SEO, it’s your job to make your pizza stand out from the rest.

You have to show that online visitors know and recognize your brand. If they haven’t, well, then don’t worry! Social Media is a place that’s exactly the best choice you can show why your products are much better than the others.

Don’t be afraid to go all out, If that pizza of yours has double the number of pepperoni and triple the amount of mozzarella it uses, then, by all means, show it to the world. Make it stick out. Always be consistent. Don’t trick your visitors or buyers once they get your product. If it disappoints them too much, you will be hearing from them, guaranteed.


Your customers are the essential sources to improve your product or service. With social media, you can get feedback from them if they like or dislike something with your business. Every time you post something online, it becomes an opportunity for you to develop more and more strategies for either improving your product or generating, even more, sales.

No customers are ever the same; they differ in their spending habits, personal preferences, etc. Even though you engage with different buyers or visitors and don’t capitalize on conversion, it still becomes a chance for other opportunities to grow a successful conversion for your product and brand.

A smart entrepreneur knows how to spot these opportunities and will make the effort of using its advantages. Again, it may not seem much now, but all those conversations with previous buyers turn into more and more potential customers.


A study shows that companies who invest in social media to improve their relationships with their buyers result in them becoming more loyal to it. Having a “fan base” or strong customer loyalty can improve your product’s name. Engaging with your audience and keep them wanting more will make them stay. Having Brand loyalty ensures that your customer won’t easily sway their favors to other competitors.

Brand Reputation

Rep or Reputation can either be a good or bad thing once your product finally makes its way to your intended customers. They will either love or hate your merchandise, depending on how they take it.

Once you do gain a positive note from your buyers, interacting with them frequently can be a smart way to show other potential customers that you care for them and respect them. In due time, this will let you reap the benefits that include a positive brand reputation.

Increased Inbound Traffic

You got this far with social media, why not take full advantage of it? Without social media, even if your product is successful, it’ll just stay within the confines of your loyal customers. Why not try to increase that by using social media to its full potential?

Try not to stay on the same keywords you use. Always be creative and provide space to grow your business into something much more than other possible buyers are willing to buy. The more quality content you make, the more it’ll be easier for people to hear from you.


As social media is a big open space where communities can gather, it’s also a place where ideas flourish. Lots of people openly share their views and ideas on social media platforms. Although copying other people’s ideas is plain wrong, you can use these ideas instead to inspire you to create better.

For those ideas to be better, you should use tools such as grammar checkers, word counter, or any other tool that can help you create better content. If you’re more into videos, then powerful editing tools are the things you need. Again, social media is a great place that harbors ideas and inspiration.


Believe it or not, Social media, in a sense, can significantly help you save on expenses you generate from selling your product. This situation is by far the purest example of how you can save profit: Say you want to deliver a product door to door for a loyal customer. Wouldn’t it be much cost-effective and easier if you let an online courier service do it for you?

Sure, you might pay a fee, but think of the costs in fuel, transportation, and workforce you’ll end up saving. And it’s not the savings that’ll really make you smile. Social media is fast, and you’ll receive orders faster, as well. No more waiting in line to order, your customers can quickly flood you with those orders. This means you’ll have more chances of increasing profit.

Superior SEO rankings

The higher you rank in SEO, the more relevant traffic your site gets. More traffic means that all the doors are open for potential buyers. Having the right combination of keywords can be just the trick in doing so.

Don’t be complacent, though; the strategy for success is constantly changing. Regularly updating blogs isn’t enough nowadays. You could do a lot more, especially with how Google handles social media presence with sites. If you decide to hire an agency, be sure to check their specialties. There are industry specific SEO companies. For instance, if you have a franchise, it would be a smart idea to hire someone who does franchise SEO. If you have a dental office, hire someone who handles dental SEO.

Customer Experience

As mentioned above, continually interacting with your clients provide excellent chances to improve your product. A side effect of this is that they have a sense of importance when it comes to purchasing their wants and needs from you. Each interaction with your potential buyers is, again, a chance for you to improve even more.

Allows Competition

Potential rivals, believe it or not, are already a part of your success when it comes to social media dominance. As mentioned above, the strategy for a successful campaign is always evolving. Don’t just idly sit by while your competitors get ideas from you.

Healthy competition is just as important too. With content marketing and SEO strategies, you can easily monitor your competitors progress on social media. From this, you can use the data you gather to improve your services even better.


Time is of great importance. The sooner you start, the more audience you can gather. Social media can help you save a lot of time as well. Think of the time it’ll take to post physical signs all over town. Instead of braving the heat and exerting excess effort, why not take to social media to advertise?


Safe to say that social media is taking us by storm. We cannot deny the fact that a lot of business-savvy people are taking advantage of how powerful it is. Too powerful, that, when a product uses social media, we likely get to hear about it sooner or eventually.

If there is one thing we can learn from the more experienced and old school entrepreneurs, is that nothing beats hard work and risk when it comes to being successful in the business world.

Think of social media as an amplifier that will increase your revenue. Remember, Social Media, Content Marketing, and SEO. If all those elements are combined, and certain conditions line up, your business will surely blossom towards success.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
Ann Castro is a lead author at Techicy who writes on Technology, Home Improvement, and Businesses around the world. With a background in Journalism, Ann has a professional experience of more than seven years working with some of the big media companies. She is also an avid traveler, a singer, and a guitarist.


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