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How Cash Back Apps Can Save You Money on Every Purchase

It’s a true modern love story, you are online calmly browsing your favourite websites and social media online, and then out of nowhere, an advertisement appears showing you what you have been missing all of your life – its love at first sight. You simply must have it and so you click the link, purchase the item and have no regrets until you see your monthly credit card statement and decide that those 5-6 impulse purchases maybe weren’t as important as you thought at the time…

Cash Back Apps

It happens, no big deal, who needs to save anyway? Tragically we do, for without savings, we won’t be able to go to those exotic vacations we have been planning all year. Without savings, we can’t afford to move out into a bigger, nicer apartment, no new car, no social life… well now I have depressed myself.  Saving is actually a big part of being an “adult” and being able to enjoy life without being labelled an irresponsible, lazy, millennial… And believe me, no one wants to be called that!

There are many ways in which we learn to save on our spending; one of those can be through cash back apps.

What are cash back apps?

Cash back apps are applications that you download to your smart phones which help you keep track of your spending and offer you cash back through thousands of participating companies. This could mean saving some serious money if you consider the possibilities.

These apps can offer you a clear view of your spending 24/7 – leaving the monthly statement surprises behind. These apps help organize and regulate your spending, meaning that you will keep your accounts in order, and your finances in check.

Many retailers that participate in cash back apps, offer big discounts and return money on important purchases such as those illusive exotic holidays that I mentioned earlier. Seriously, you can save real money on booking flights, hotels and rental cars, all through using cash back apps. Selecting the right app means that you will have constant savings on everything from grocery shopping, to clothing and shoes, tech gadgets and other electrical devices.

With thousands of stores and services to choose from, you can carefully select the best deals for you, ultimately saving you hundreds of euros along the way. They not only save you money, but also help you keep your spending in order.

Life choices, stay wanting, or build a nest egg?

The hardest part of saving is not spending. Yet that becomes increasingly more difficult the more things we see and want. Like a toddler offered candy, we find it hard to hold back. All of those beautiful and now necessary items that we need are hard to hold out on. That’s why saving on our purchases in an only option for many of us. Imagine having your cake and eating it?That’s what you can do if you select the right retailer that allows you to get cash straight back in your pocket.

Sometimes savings of mere cents per purchase, doesn’t feel like you are achieving much at all – however, quite deceptively that’s how you end up saving large amounts of money. Think of all of those micro charges banks make to your account with every transaction. There are merely a few cents each, however, the banks aren’t being generous to us by giving us such small fees, they have learnt long ago that pennies make pounds, meaning, that small change, can amount to big money if consistently saved.

I am not claiming that through these apps you will save just pennies each time, because you can clearly save big amounts when making big purchases such as when booking a hotel or flight tickets. By saving a few cents per item during grocery shopping, adds up when you receive the final total.

The great thing about these apps is, you can save online or off. If you attach your credit card to these apps, you can receive discounts by purchasing in retail stores that participate in the apps program.

Whether you are trying to save for something big, or just want to cap the amount of outgoing money each month, I would recommend that you look into.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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