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How Can Small Businesses Decrease Their Attrition Rate?

The employment opportunities are increasing and the market is undoubtedly getting more and more candidate-driven. So, you piss off or not make an employee feel valued enough and he/she leaves. Clearly, retaining employees in such an environment is becoming a tougher call with each passing day. Now, if you are a small business, startup or a medium-sized company, the attrition rate is even bigger of an issue for you. You ask why is that and we say that is because job doers are always looking forward to getting big names added to their kitty. So, they will not think twice before leaving your company and joining a big brand.

How Can Small Businesses Decrease Their Attrition Rate

However, that is just half the truth. If you really want to retain the best talent of your company, there are several things that can help you with that. Take a look!

  1. Appreciate Creativity

Using HRMS software and giving your employees the ease to check their attendance, show them that you do fair appraisals is great but till the time you do not value their true self as an employee. It won’t suffice. The best thing is to let the ideas come from the employees and not impose your thought process on them. This means that you should appreciate the work done and allow them to do several things themselves.

  1. No micromanagement

When you have a small business, the employees are also relatively less in number and because of the same, you might unknowingly or knowingly be getting in every itsy-bitsy thing happening at the workplace. For instance, if you are someone who is keeping a watch on even the lunch breaks and tea breaks and reprimanding the employees like a strict teacher, trust us, employees would want to leave your organisation as soon as possible.

  1. Vacation policy

    The employees always must get something in return from your company that most of the other companies may not be giving. Vacation policy is one such thing that can be that for your company. So, you can make an unlimited vacation policy for your employees in the HRMS software and keep reaping the benefits forever. Not only will this improve employee engagement but also help you send a clear message of “You all are valuable” to your employees. This will make employees want to give back to the company through their services even more.
  1. Offer flexibility

    Every individual is different, their lifestyle is different and their sleeping pattern especially is quite different too. Some of them are night owls and some early birds, so it is better to give them the driver’s seat so that they can choose to come according to their time and complete the work hours as expected. Just make sure you use a robust HRMS software or HRIS software India offers. This will help you manage the leaves, timings, and attendance of each employee easily.

This was it from our side, let us know which one works the best for your organisation.

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John Paul
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