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How Can Amazon Customer Service Become the Best Service You Can Find Today?

Amazon is one of the biggest online stores you can find today. And, we believe that you have bought something from this store at least once. Amazon is also well-known for its best customer service. It’s not only the service you get from contacting the Amazon Customer Service Phone Number. But, the whole customer support will give you the best experience in shopping at Amazon online store. How they do that?

Amazon Customer Service Become the Best Service

They Work Backward

Unlike other companies that try to give the best for their customer by creating a service that has satisfying quality, Amazon works the opposite way. They try to listen to what customer wants and make a decision or providing service based on that information. Therefore, the customer feels really satisfied whenever they use Amazon service, in this case, is their customer service.

The main reason why they have this kind of principle is Jeff Bezos, the CEO as well as the founder of Amazon. Maybe, he is the only CEO in the world that focuses his company to customer needs, more than other companies. And, because of this principle as well, Amazon has become one of the most successful company.

You may think that by listening to the customer too much, you will end up losing your competition against another company, right? Mostly, or maybe we can use the word, normally, we will think that way. However, you must remember the core of the business or the main factor that bring profit to your business. Yes, it’s the customer.

So, Bezos uses a simple formula here. You have more customers; means you make more profit. And, how do we get more customers? We provide the best service for them that can satisfy what all customers needs. This is where Bezos principle works wonderfully. By listening to the customer needs and wants, the company can provide the service that these customers like. The result is the customer will always come and use the service which brings profits.

How They Treat the Customer

Amazon customer service itself works with that principle as well. Their customer service team has a unique motto, which is “the customer is king and king never lies”. It sounds a simple motto, but it helps customers a lot. It means that any question or complaint from the customer will be heard and considered by the customer service. Then, the customer service team will give them the solution based on the guidelines that have been given to them before.

However, there are many cases where the customer services team had to use the method outside of the guidelines in order to help the customer. For example, there was a customer that their order has been delayed. But, because that customer asks this on Sunday, there is a guide that the customer service team needs to follow, which is suggesting to wait until Monday.

However, because that customer really needs the product fast, the customer service can help them by replacing the much faster delivery product. If the customer waits until Monday, that customer will receive the order on Thursday. So, by replacing it with a new order, that customer can get the product on Tuesday. Basically, the Amazon Phone Number isn’t only the service that gives you a fixed answer. It’s adapting to the customer need and gives the customer the best solution for their problem.

Dedicated Service

Amazon customer service department is also known for its dedication toward customer satisfaction. They even form a special team in order to solve the problem that the customer might have. For example, when they launch Twich service and there are many customers can’t connect their account with this service, the team takes action. They create a team that focuses on solving the Twich problem and within just 2 days, the problem was solved perfectly.


With all of those advantages and service for the customer, it’s not surprising if Amazon is well-known for its best customer service. They even have Amazon Prime Support Number that can provide help for their premium service with, of course, premium class help.  In fact, we can say that this is one of the biggest parts that make this online store become one of the successful companies today.

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