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How Augmented Reality Will Help Construction Projects Save Time & Money

The utilization of traditional equipment in the construction industry isn’t going anywhere. Grabber cones, drills, surveyors, and the conventional blueprint are a part of the culture. With this in mind, technology and augmented reality have made its way into the construction realm as well.

The sooner construction managers and teams embrace it, the more efficient they’ll be in their operations. How exactly has augmented reality and VR improved the construction industry?

These are a few of the ways in which augmented reality has helped save time and money in the world of construction.

Construction Projects Save Time & Money

Error Reduction

Imagine an error-free world. Impossible, right? Yes, it’s impossible, but augmented reality has dramatically helped reduce the number of errors on job sites. VR simulation has allowed construction teams to see jobs through before their completion.

They can use these tools to know how a situation will look, where they can make corrections, and how to avoid errors in construction. With less rework required along the way, fewer mistakes are made by construction crews. In turn, jobs are done more efficiently, and companies are saving in multiple areas.

Higher Quality in Construction

VR promotes greater efficiency. You can use CAD software and BIM software to determine where to place a pillar or remove something in a construction project before you even begin working on that job site.

Clients can see a job and projected outcome before your company starts working on it. If they don’t like or want to modify something, you can do so before overspending and having to go back and correct errors. VR and augmented reality allow you to utilize higher quality supplies, and get the client’s input, to ensure they’re going to be pleased with the final outcome.

Reduced Labor Costs

Smart construction, the use of more efficient equipment, and real-time reporting are some ways in which errors are reduced.

Even by maintaining the same workforce in place, it’s possible to reduce labor costs by not having to keep individual crew members on as long or have them go back in to fix errors that were made.

Reduction in errors and more efficient work equipment and supplies helps reduce overall costs construction companies are expanding in completing a job.

Fewer Injuries on the Job Sites

Technology improves safety greatly. State of the art helmets, GPS trackers, goggles provide data to construction managers in real-time while employees are working on a job.

All of this helps keep workers safer while providing instant updates to managerial staff. If something isn’t done safely, it can result in injuries for one or multiple workers. By improving safety tracking and on-site equipment, fewer injuries and accidents are likely to occur at work.

Issues are Resolved in Real-Time

Everything is seen in real-time. The software allows managers to input one piece of information, and a different manager has access to that immediately. Something like a helmet worn by a crew member can capture an issue in a specific area of a job site.

This is directly inputted into a proprietary system; managers see it, assess it, and determine how to improve functions immediately.

The same goes with construction software that’s available today, it’s as simple as adding notes into a system, and company-wide sharing takes place the moment that information is input by a manager.

Timelines are Better Met

VR software like Skycatch is one of the many pieces of equipment available to capture real-time information. It will instantly submit an updated 3D model of what’s being worked on, so managers can see conditions as they change.

If changes have to be made, they can be made immediately. If there’s a process that can be streamlined, it possible to make those adjustments quickly to ensure timelines are met and work is done effectively.

VR gives better ideas of what’s going on, as it is unfolding, and changes can expertly be made throughout various departments and managers of a construction company’s crew.

Regardless of how VR and augmented reality are implemented, it can significantly reduce the time and costs a construction company incurs. For managers who aren’t utilizing the latest systems, these are a few of the reasons to consider doing so, to help improve overall form, function, and cut back on high costs and spending.

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