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How A Portable Project Can Bring Surprises In Your Life

A projector system usually engages business associates, entrepreneurs, teachers, and students. If you have made a great business presentation but concerned about presenting it, a projector system can help in enhancing the outcome as well as fascinate the audience. There are different types of projector systems – each comes in a different size, shape, and has unique features. When it comes to choosing the projector system, experts recommend a portable projector than a wired one.

How A Portable Project Can Bring Surprises In Your Life

When it comes to the advantages of portable projectors, you need to understand that they are small and compact in size than other types of the projector. Therefore, they work well and are easy-to-use for both business professionals and people associated with educational institutions – for example, teachers and students.

A wired projector poses a huge hassle – especially when you set it up – for instance, many people find it difficult to connect the wires and then remove and pack the wired when done. On the other hand, this is not true for portable projectors like XGIMI MOGO and MOGO PRO. There is no need for connecting or disconnecting them and you can just place these products anywhere – so, they are completely hassle-free and will help you save time.

How A Portable Project Can Bring Surprises In Your Life

If you think a portable device can only slip in your pocket, then, the XGIMI MOGO is not a product that can be placed in your pocket. However, when it comes to the portability of this device, you can easily carry it in a large bag or backup – for instance. The larger battery and Harman Kardon speaker are two aspects that have added weight to the device.

You won’t be disappointed with the 210 ANSI Lumens in real usage. For example, when you use the MOGO is a dark room, you will see that the projection from this device is bright.

Similarly, you can effortlessly watch YouTube Videos, Movies, and/or listen to Spotify in your bedroom with lights off. You can likewise project the image to an empty wall or the ceiling of your room. So, the portability and projection of this device are simply amazing.

When it comes to the specs of the MOGO, especially the battery charging, it lasts four hours on a charge, which is more than any other projector available on the market. Moreover, the MOGO PRO is the product from the same company and has a remote-friendly interface with Play Sore applications that are optimized for built-in Chrome Cast, Google Assistant, and TV.

How A Portable Project Can Bring Surprises In Your Life

Compared to the MOGO, the XGIMI MOGO Pro is a bit sharper and brighter. The sound is a lot clearer and louder than the MOGO. Both products have almost the same features – and the biggest difference between these two products is the quality of the projection image. The previous one has 210 ANSI Lumens with 540p resolution while the new one – i.e. the MOGO Pro has 300 ANSI with 1080p resolution.

If you are not much concerned about the price of these products, then both of these portable projectors are probably the best when it comes to the quality of image, reliability, sound, and connectivity to smart devices and apps.

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