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Horse Racing’s Royal Connections

The British Royal Family is one of the biggest supporters when it comes to the horse racing sport. They love the sport so much that they have many races named after them. At tracks like the Royal Ascot, the royal family is ever-present regardless of the time of year. With many members of the royal family going into several equestrian sports, it is straightforward to identify avid riders, both casual and professional. In this article, we highlight the royals who are known for their horse-riding skills. 

Horse Racing’s Royal Connections

Queen Elizabeth

We start from the top of the tier, with the Queen Herself Queen Elizabeth is a globally acclaimed rider and lover of horses. She received her first horse, a pony at age four, and her love for the animals soared. In the past three decades, the Queen has won countless races, earning millions in earnings annually. At 93, the Queen still attends all races and watches them excitedly from the Royal Ascot. She owns several horses who partake in varying sports around the United Kingdom and you can place a bet on their races at Timeform.

Princess Margaret

The last horse racing personality in this article is Princess Margaret. With an entire race named in her honor, it is safe to say that the love of the Princess for the sport was genuinely excellent and remarkable. Known for her wild side and determined personality to win at everything, the Princess made headlines in the equestrian universe, winning tournaments and breaking records on the track. 

Princess Anne

The Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, took after her mother with her intense love for horses and all things equestrian. Princess Anne’s career with horses has soared over the years, emphasizing her horse roots. The Princess is the winner of a gold medal, two silver medals and a spot in the Olympics. She was the first royal to attain such a feat, but she is still humble about all these winnings. What’s more, Princess Anne is a super talented equestrian who, at 69, has worked as both a competitor and administrator. She is the ultimate horse racing Boss Lady. 

Prince Charles

Prince Charles was an amateur jockey at 31, and a very successful one at that. He never won a ride as a jockey, but he finished second in several others. His career in horse racing was brief but memorable, and won’t be easily forgotten. Some of the horses Prince Charles rode include his grandmother’s horse Upton Grey, his own horse Allibar and Good Prospect, another great horse. 

Zara Tindall

Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, is a 38-year old equestrian who followed her mother’s horse-loving footsteps, to become the winner of the Eventing WORLD Championship. Pursuing a career in horse racing stemmed from her exposure to horses in her childhood. Over the years, Zara has participated in the Summer Olympics, winning several awards from institutions like the BBC, and the member of the Order of the British Empire. Zara Tindall was once presented with a medal by her mother at the summer Olympics, an unforgettable and emotional moment shared by countless horse racing lovers around the world.

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