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Here’s How Thieves Can Block GPS Of Your Car

If you believed your car was secure due to the fact that you have set up a “foolproof” GPS-supported safety system, you require thinking one more time. Cars robbers are utilizing gadgets that can block GPS signal of a vehicle and make it go off the radar. Detectives of the AATS (Anti-Auto Theft Squad) fear that these battery-run and portable gadgets may also be used in other crimes and kidnapping concerning GPS-enabled cars.

Thieves Can Block GPS Of Your Car

“Setting up a GPS gadget in the vehicle is useful since we are guided towards where to hunt for it if it gets stolen. Even if the robber attempts to harm the location gadget, the last location of the vehicle gets covered in the data,” claimed an officer at AATS to the media in an interview. “On the other hand, the new blocking gadgets are a huge threat. Previous jamming gadgets had a price tag of Rs 25,000 each piece, but now even a tiny time auto lifter can purchase a jammer for a price in the range of Rs 5,000 and Rs 1,200 and employ it for assisting in criminal activity.”

The officer confessed, on the other hand, that no criminal incidents have occurred where these gadgets were employed. AATS is operating to stop any employment of the gadgets that are presently trading in places such as Sriniwaspuri, Nehru Place, and Shadipur.

The case where a doctor in an Ola cab was kidnapped was solved swiftly due to the fact that the police were capable of tracking the car via its GPS tracker. In the same way, officers at AATS revealed that a Toyota Fortuner car robbed from Dwarka was gained back from Sonipat within 24 Hours and the robbers were caught too, all thanks to the GPS tracker set up in the car.

When the local journalist visited one of the car renting stores in Shadipur dressed as a user, he discovered that no papers were needed nor was any background verification on the user was carried out while performing business. This is the main reason as to why the criminal activities in the country are increasing day by day.

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