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Here’s A Comprehensive Guide For Investing & Calculating Your Returns On Lumpsum Investments In Mutual Funds

However, one must not neglect the fact that mutual funds involve risk. Therefore, it is advisable to research and choose the investment plan wisely. Future returns on the investment should be calculated beforehand, and other inquiries should be made at the earliest convenience of the investor. A lumpsum calculator is highly recommended to forecast future returns on investments.

Lumpsum Calculator helps to calculate future returns on investment

Lumpsum Calculator helps to calculate future returns on investment. SOURCE :

What Is a Lumpsum Investment in Mutual Funds?

A lumpsum investment in mutual funds is a long-term investment policy. An investor stakes a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time, generally, for 3 to 5 years. The period of investment ranges from 6 months to 10 years. An investor pays the entire amount that he/she is willing to invest at a time under this policy. Lumpsum calculator is used to calculate the estimated return on the planned investment. This investment plan is usually opted by the big and daring players of the money market who are ready to risk a part of their income. Most of the investors opt for lumpsum investment with an intention to save tax.

Why Choose Lumpsum Investment?

The lumpsum investment in mutual funds is beneficial if the funds chosen by the investor is appropriate given his/her financial ability. An investor should analyze all the economic parameters before making an investment for a long-term. The very basic yet major reasons for choosing a lumpsum investment are:

  1. One-time investment:

Unlike SIPs, lumpsum investments in mutual funds are a one-time investment. That is, it does not require any monthly or quarterly payment. The interested investor pools all his resources and makes a fixed investment for a particular period of time.

  1. Less time consuming:

Although it is good for an investor to stay involved and updated about the money market mechanisms, lumpsum investment is preferred by those investors who do not have enough time to engage themselves in the mutual funds market. One can calculate the estimated amount of returns on investment through a lumpsum calculator before making the investment. After choosing the appropriate fund, an investor can stay lowkey if he/she does not have enough time.

  1. Helps to save tax:

The investors in the money market are usually driven by the interest of saving taxes. For such investors, a lumpsum investment is the best option available in the mutual funds market. If an investor is brave enough to bear the liabilities associated with lumpsum investments, there is no doubt that this tax saving plan is best for them.

How to Calculate Returns?

Forecasting and calculating the returns on investments is a very important task which one needs to complete before investing money in mutual funds. The use of a lumpsum calculator is a very common method of calculating returns. The process is very simple and easy. One can avail a calculator easily on their respective smartphones. For a better experience, use a lumpsum investment calculator by Scripbox. The lumpsum calculator has easy access and it is best for calculating the estimated returns on future investments. Just by entering the lumpsum amount, rate of interest & investment horizon period in the lumpsum calculator, one can easily estimate their returns post the stipulated period. The availability of so many investment options can confuse an investor. The decision making is a crucial part, and one must be sure enough that the chosen mutual funds would meet their expectations or not. It is always better to be safe than sorry, hence one must always use a lumpsum calculator while forecasting their returns.

Best Lumpsum Investment Options in Mutual Funds

Every person wants to have the result of their investment. An investor always expects higher returns on his/her investment to reap the maximum benefits. Although there is a variety of lumpsum investment plans available in the mutual funds market, there are only a few that provide higher returns and sustainable profits.

As per previous years’ analysis, few such lumpsum investments in mutual funds are as follows:

Name of the fund Type Expense ratio Exit Load Turnover Fund


ICICI Prudential Bluechip Equity Fund Large


1.21 % 1 % 123 % S Naren,

Rajak Chandak

Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct Large &

Mid cap

0.87 % 1 % 80 % Neelesh


Reliance Large Cap Fund – Direct Large


1.26 % 1 % 85 % Ashwani Kumar

Sailesh Raj Bhan

Axis Focused 25 Funds – Direct Large


0.77 % 1 % 141 % Jinesh Gopani
HDFC Small Cap Fund – Direct Small &

Mid cap

0.71 % 1 % 19 % Chirag Setalvad
SBI Bluechip Fund Large &

Mid cap

1.66 % 1 % 84 % Sohini Andani
Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme – Direct Mid


0.80 % 1 % 35 % Pankaj Tibrewal
Tata Equity P/E Funds – Direct Large &

Mid cap

0.97 % 1 % 0 % Sonam Udasi
Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 – Direct ELSS 1.06 % NIL 1071 % Ajay Garg
Axis Bluechip Fund Large &

Mid cap

1.73 % 1 % 80 % Shreyas Devalkar

So, these are the few top performing lumpsum investments in mutual funds. A lumpsum calculator can be used by anyone who wishes to know and analyze the future returns on his/her investment. For further details about the above-mentioned funds, you may also go through other statistics available online.

Is it a Good Option?

It is not just a good option, but the best option for you if you are looking for investment options and you want to expand your wealth. There are several reasons for investing in mutual funds.  The mutual funds market is a rapidly growing money market where a lot of investors are making and earning a good fortune. Yes, there is risk involved and there are other liabilities as well, but it is the best platform for investors to showcase their talent. The mutual funds market provides good exposure and allows everyone who wants to become an investor to join the market and reap the benefits.

A lot of people hold enough liquid cash to invest, but the fear of losing the money does not allow them to enter the mutual funds market. If you too have the potential to invest, you should have the courage to take the risk and utilize the money that you have in your wallet. Lumpsum investment is a good option for you if you want to save taxes or if you are looking for a long-term investment policy. It generates good returns, has fewer risks and involves least formalities from the side of investors to get into it. Idle money does not grow on its own.  Put that into mutual funds as a lumpsum investment and make the most out of your savings. By strategically planning as well as forecasting returns using a lumpsum calculator, one can minimize the risk involved in the process.

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