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HD Mirror Cam Reviews. Are They Worth It?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to purchase an HD mirror cam, the internet is riddled with conflicting reviews about which is best to buy, what features are available and at some points, what earth shattering price point you will need to pay.

Regardless of whether you purchase your cam to get the cheapest car insurance quotes, documenting road trip fun and family journey can be great memories to share later on, knowing the details of what you are purchasing is important. Here’s the HD MIRROR CAM REVIEWS

HD Mirror Cam Reviews. Are They Worth It

What Are They?

Unlike traditional dash cams, you can attach an HD mirror cam to your car’s existing rearview mirror. It allows you to have evidence of what actually happened during an accident event, but also allows you to document your trips and keep an eye on employees using company vehicles. Once the day is over, or you require the information recorded on the cam, you simply transfer the recorded media to a computer through a micro SD card. Installation is simple and takes just a couple of minutes.


Thankfully, installing your HD mirror cam is not rocket science. All you need to do is slide the micro SD card into the camera’s designated slot, place the camera atop your rearview mirror and use the flexible bands to keep it fixed in its place. Upper range cams include features like auto ignition start, which lets the recording start automatically when you turn on the vehicle ignition, while the recording stops and the cam gets switched off when you turn off the ignition. Exclusive night vision using infrared LEDs; a built-in LCD playback screen with screen shut off mode that enables distraction-free driving; and motion detection, among others, come with top range models.

Purchasing Your HD Mirror Cam

We have highlighted some of the fancier features of top range HD mirror cams but really you will need to ask what purpose will the cam serve in the long run. If you are purchasing your cam for the reason most do, protection, a basic cam is all you will need. As long as it has a long enough time loop, plenty of storage and low light capabilities, you should be fine. The nice to haves in more expensive models serve people with a higher device expectation, truckers, employee vehicle fleets and professional film makers would benefit from laying out the extra cash. Just remember that while considering the price factor, focusing on the lowest price possible could often mean sacrificing performance and reliability.

The Reviews

This is where it becomes confusing folks, user start given hd mirror cam reviews often debate if the camera is actually worth the money you invest in it. Most agree that it all comes down to your requirements and how well a choice you make.

There will always be manufacturers, who claim their product to be far superior than others and will add a pretty steep price to those superior features. Researching a HD Mirror Cam can become arduous but generally one should look out for a few key factors. While looking out for superior features will help you find a decent cam at your price level knowing what to avoid with regards to irritation and money wasted is critical.  Watch out for “the screen is displaying “Card Full”: With the loop recording function enabled, the camera should operate properly, and the oldest files should be automatically deleted issues and “the recording does not start after ignition is switched on” complaints. Steering away from products that have these errors as a common complaint should keep you safe from tech that won’t work.

Price Points

With such a vast array of HD mirror cams available on the internet today, we are hesitant to publish too much information about price. A standard device is generally pretty affordable.

Typical features like auto ignition on/off, 720p HD video, wide angle lens, exclusive night vision, loop recording (usually for 14 hours), and LCD playback screen should set you back from $10 and upwards. Just be mindful of the fact that those prices will almost always exclude shipping and handling costs. If you want your camera to have additional features like motion detection, G-sensor, parking monitor, and accident auto-detection, you will have to shell out more. Cameras with high-end features come with a steep price tag for obvious reasons.

High End

Once you have narrowed down a few choices of HD mirror cams you will need to research the features and ensure that they meet your requirements. While there are some standard features like auto recording, night vision etc, an array of high-end features is also available with some HD mirror cams. These include motion detection, image stabilization, optional date and time stamp, anti-glare dimming, built-in SD card, simultaneous recording, bigger display, and longer battery life, among others.

Buying Online. Should I?

Several online institutions will offer discounts and deals from time to time. As with any other electronic or tec equipment you should thoroughly research whether these devices are going end of line, and what the availability for faulty replacements is. Rather than buying end of range stock, look out for free standard shipping and/or free handling. You too could use such instances to buy your HD mirror cam and save a couple of bucks in the process.

Pro Tip: If you’re considering one of these high-def car cameras, you might want to consider purchasing a car security camera, as well. Just to protect your hard-earned dollars from theft.

Should I or Shouldn’t I

Over the last few years, the popularity of HD mirror cams has increased enormously. Here are some pros and cons of the device.


  • The recorded footage can be immensely useful in case an accident occurs. With the camera starting recording as the ignition is switched on, any recording is generated in real-time with straight-to-the-point proof.
  • Today, traffic accident fraud has become one of the most prevalent crimes against insurance companies. Staged accidents have become increasingly popular amongst fraudsters. An HD mirror cam can demonstrate the innocence of honest driver.


  • Use of an HD mirror cam may not be lawful in some regions and may bring in trouble with the law.
  • Display feature in the cam may distract the driver, which might result in a safety hazard.
  • The price tag sometimes doesn’t fit the product.
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