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Have You Considered Selfie Booths For Your Digital Marketing? Here’s Why You Should

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to advertising and marketing. Marketers are constantly looking at ways to re-engage their target audience with unique approaches and ideas. One trend that’s currently sweeping the market is the use of selfie booth or photo booth as part of the marketing mix.

Have You Considered Selfie Booths For Your Digital Marketing

Interesting right? How can you incorporate a photo booth or selfie booth to meet business goals? Read on to discover:

Put your brand in the spotlight

When selfie booths, photo booths and complimentary apps are installed, they are usually done for a specific purpose. So make sure your photo booth and resultant images are aligned with the rest of your marketing campaign.
For instance, you can change the appearance of the selfie booth in your corporate/logo colours to stand out. Further, you can use the image border of the photos to speak for your brand. So every time these images are shared socially, your brand logo and contact details will get displayed.

This is subtle yet powerful and works wonders for businesses through word of mouth publicity.

Age no bar

The best thing about selfie booths? They have mass appeal. As you may have noticed they are popular across the board from baby showers, wedding parties, children’s birthdays, employee engagement events. No matter what age group is your target audience, almost everybody loves a selfie.

Ease of setup

Photo booths, their software, the camera and related technology have evolved tremendously in the past couple of years.

Using the selfie booth app has never been easier. You now have options like digital photo booth props, an endless variety of photo types and filters, and unique effects ranging from still photos to boomerang and animated backdrops.

Further, you can use analytics and data to see how your photo booth has performed and capture user data to add to your database.

There are several benefits to this because you discover a new group of potential audience that you had never tapped before.

Use Social Media to get more attention

Leverage platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to run many conversion campaigns to promote your events. Use social media to build brand awareness.

Boost your campaign on social media channels whilst the event is going on. The best part about this is that you can offer your users the option of uploading the pictures straight to social media platforms.

And while you are uploading pictures, you can request your customers to like your social media pages or even subscribe.

Users can also share the same photos in your social campaigns and channels. This drives more numbers to your social channels leading to more engagement and conversions on the website.

Use Email Marketing Campaigns

Another advantage of running a selfie booth and using a photo booth software at your event is that it gives you a golden chance to build your database.

Thanks to all the names and emails you collect you can target a wider audience with your email marketing strategy.

You can build further brand awareness and excitement around the photo booth by sending out newsletters to your subscribers.

This also gives you a chance to jazz up the newsletter and explain your audience why you have the photo booth and how your audience can make the most of it.

Integrate your social channels into your website

One advantage of this is to share user updates straight from your Facebook/Instagram pages to your website by integrating these channels.

It pays to think differently and offer your customers something outside the box. Tap into the consumer psyche and give them what they didn’t realize they wanted.

From beauty salones to nail studios, restaurants to fitness studios, everyone wants a slice of this pie.

If you think your business could benefit from incorporating a selfie booth, then the time is ripe to take your marketing to the  next level and reap the benefits of the selfie craze.


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