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Guide To Getting a White Label Video Conferencing App

With the increased demand for video conferencing, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing so many businesses to adopt remote working and work-from-home policies, many businesses are looking to get their own video conferencing software or app that is fully customized both for branding and functionality purposes.

White Label Video Conferencing App

With that being said, using a white label video conferencing software can be a viable, cost-effective means to bring tried and tested video conferencing software solutions for any brand.

Here, we will discuss all you need to know about white label video conferencing services, the pros and cons of this approach, and how you should choose a reliable white label service provider.

What Is White Label?

White label (or also called private label), is the practice of removing the logo and other branding elements from the product, and instead will use the branding elements requested by the purchaser.

For example, when a shoe factory manufactures sneakers for Nike and uses the Nike brand on the sneakers, then this is a white labeling practice.

What Is White Label Video Conferencing

Based on the principle above, a white label video conferencing app allows you to have a video conferencing solution with your own brand elements like your logo, brand color scheme, links to your social media profiles, and other things.

Think of it as having your company’s own Zoom or Skype client, so when you ask clients to join your video conference, you can also engage them with your own branding elements, which can help in building brand awareness as well as establishing your position as a reputable, ‘serious’ brand worth working with.

There are generally two types of white label video conferencing services you can choose from: the first is a duplication of a generic video conferencing app, where you can ask the software developer for branding and customization as required. In this case, the white label app you’ll get is fully independent of the original, and while this provides you with more customizations, it also demands more maintenance.

The second option is utilizing video conferencing API and what is known as multi-tenancy service. With Callbridge’s white label video conferencing service, for example, the video conferencing software is essentially shared between different clients but is still configurable on a client-by-client basis. While for us clients it will appear as a standalone app unique with our logo, etc. Callbridge will handle all the required maintenance.

For example, all bug fixes and updates are automatically shared by all the tenant apps at once, and so it’s going to be much easier for us clients.

Benefits of a White Label Video Conferencing App

With a white label video conferencing app, you don’t need to either invest in an in-house software development team or outsource to a software development company to get your own video conference software. A white label app bypasses the time-consuming and (very) expensive development process almost entirely.

As a result of this, you can get the following benefits for your business:

  1. Faster Turnaround Time

Financial cost is not the only significant cost in any software development cycle, but a complex video conferencing app can take months or even years to develop. Instead, with a white label video conferencing service we can completely eliminate this development time, and we can instead use this valuable time to promote the app or other core business activities that can grow the business.

  1. Proven Product 

By using a white label video conferencing app from a reliable and trusted provider, you are going to get a tried-and-tested product that has been deployed in numerous use cases. Meaning, when you introduce this software internally or with your client, it’s going to be far less risky. This is why it’s important to source your white label webinar app from a reliable provider with a proven track record and existing alignment with your business objectives.

  1. Lower Maintenance Risks 

White label video conferencing software also will eliminate the costs in time and money, of maintenance. Especially if you are using the service of an established video conferencing service, like Callbridge, the software is likely more reliable to start with, and you’ll also get a dedicated team that will help you manage the app itself, and any potential issues are more quickly identified and mitigated.

This no-maintenance benefit can be extremely valuable in the long-run, as you’ll also get the benefit of continuous improvements and bug fixes, and thus as a client, you wouldn’t need to worry at all about any maintenance hassle.

  1. Fully Customizable 

A  white label video conferencing software would allow full brand customization, so you’ll get the same branding benefit as you would from a custom-made video conferencing app you build from scratch while eliminating all the associated issues.

Key Considerations When Getting a White Service Video Conferencing App

While as you can see, there are numerous benefits you’ll get from using a white label video conferencing service, there are also several concerns you may need to consider:

  • Limits to customization: there are typically limits to how much you can customize the white label app compared to a truly generic video conferencing app. So, consult carefully with the service provider about the extent of customization.
  • Data privacy: it’s important to make sure that your data as a client would be separated from the other clients, and the software provider shouldn’t be able to fully access and use your sensitive data involved in the video conference activities
  • Scalability: scalability may be an issue in some cases. For example, can the white label service accommodate the existing workflow if your client base grows tenfold?


Using a white label video conferencing service can allow your business to get a personalized video conferencing app that is totally your own while eliminating the costs and risks associated with software development from financial costs, lengthy turnaround time, and potential security issues.

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