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Group Messaging Service – Features & Benefits

In the modern times, it is extremely important to be in contact with your partners and clients assuring that any piece of information is delivered in time to them. This is where programs for bulk text messaging will be of great service for both small companies and large international corporations. Group messaging services are designed to send multiple text messages to any recipients, whether your colleagues, friends, clients, partners, or employees around the world. The solution has proved to be a very easy and less expensive way of communication and marketing. This fact is evident since one text message can be delivered to the various recipients indicated in the group list.

Group Messaging Service

INTIS Telecom – Your Smart Business Solution

In the field of advertising and marketing, there is a large number of available tools and services that modern companies use to stimulate the growth of sales. And bulk SMS texting is one of the few options that have proved their effectiveness in practice. According to the recent statistics, 90% of advertising messages sent through group messaging service of INTIS telecom are read. Can you just imagine the effectiveness of the solution?!

Features of Group Messaging Service from INTIS

INTIS telecom offers entrepreneurs a simple and functional SMS service for the creation and management of advertising campaigns. Using the capabilities of the service, you will be able to

  • quickly and easily make SMS advertising via Internet from your online account immediately after registration;
  • connect any software to the SMS gateway, which will allow you to automatically send SMS from online stores, web services, CRM systems, and other software solutions;
  • attract new customers through your database of SMS delivery segmented by region and mobile operators;
  • keep in touch with your customers using the short number. Dialogue SMS mailing will allow you to replenish your client base and maintain statistics on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns;
  • earn easy and fast. We have a unique affiliate program for you to search for new customers and earn money through mass mailings through our platform.

send unlimted sms

Functional Capabilities of the Program

Apart from the above features, you will benefit from other functional capabilities of the program:

  • Subscribe to both single and mass mailings;
  • Use any alphanumeric name of the sender (that is a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters);
  • Get reports on delivery of SMS messages;
  • Automatically run the program when Windows starts;
  • Copy the program and transfer it to any computer;
  • Access simple and convenient interface. The solution is easy to set up: you just need to enter your username and password in the system, and you will be able to run a campaign in a moment.

This tool allows you to clearly identify the specific target audience and inform it about new promotions, discounts, and holiday offers in a timely manner. Such high attention to the interests of your customers will significantly increase the level of sales and will form a stable customer loyalty to the brand.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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