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Goqii to Introduce New Tracker and Family Plan for Its Subscription Service

A preventive healthcare platform, Goqii, has made some new declarations, which includes new family subscription plans, an online market for health-associated food products, medicines, accessories and a new edition of its activity tracker apart from a platform for games.

The Goqii subscription plan proposes one to contact a doctor and fitness coach and can obtain one activity tracker on subscription. At present, the firm permits individuals to include up to 4 members of the family per account. But, if one desires an activity tracker for every member of the family, then will have to shell out extra charges.

The activity tracker is an important component of Goqii’s subscription service. Vishal Gondal, CEO of Goqii, stated that the company would be soon launching the activity tracker’s new version. This new activity tracker is set to have a battery life of up to 15 days and will be obtainable by the January 2018 end. He also said that the device will have continuous heart rate monitoring, a color display and a feature dubbed Presence+ which is a location recognition feature. This will enable one user Goqii to recognize the other Goqii users dependent on other activity trackers nearby. Then, these people can be added as friends by the Goqii app.

The next declaration by the company spokesperson related to Goqii Health Store, which is an online market for health foods, supplements, medicines and accessories. So, in this area, the company has collaborated with 1mg, an online medicine store, and Healthie, a restaurant chain, among others. The supplements and medicines ordered goes through the store and gets included in Goqii app’s health locker. The company also stated the roll out of Goqii Cash, a virtual currency that can be executed through the Goqii application. They also rolled out Games4Good, a new platform for cognitive games.

Poonam Bhosale
Poonam Bhosale
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