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Gift Giving Guide For The Apple Fan On Your List

If the apple of your loved one’s eye is the Cupertino-based company of the same name, then you know you should stick with an Apple themed gift this holiday. That can be a challenge when you don’t share the same love for their gadgets as the person on your list. If you’re stuck scratching your head over what to get them for Christmas, you’re in luck. Here are some easy gift ideas that will satisfy any Apple addict this holiday season.

Designed by Apple in California

Designed by Apple in California

If part of the reason they pledge their allegiance to Apple is its minimalist good looks, the 2016 Designed by Apple in California photobook may be the best thing to leave under the tree. With 300 pages, it’s a veritable tomb preserving 450 photographs that chronicle two decades of Apple’s iconic design. The visual history of the Apple brand unfolds in loving depictions of the company’s products, processes, and people to give an insider’s look at the minds and methods behind the tech company.

Printed on milled German paper with gilded mat silver edges, this is no ordinary coffee table book, and at $279 nor should it be!

Bose Wireless Headphones

Since the iPhone 7 and the latest Pro Retina, wireless headphones are a part of the normal hardware of Apple’s newest tech. They’re never going back to the old way of plugging in a headphone cable, so you might as well help your Apple fan embrace the reality of their listening sessions. Don’t think they’re prepared just because they have a set of AirPods. They may be the only in-ear headphones designed by Apple, but they don’t offer the best sound.

An upgrade to the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones is one of the best gifts you can give them this year. Though they’re in-ear just like the AirPods, SoundSport offers a sound quality that enhances bass in their audio. It also comes with noise cancellation that’s absent in Apple’s version and volume optimized EQ to ensure the most balanced listening experience ever.

dbrand MacBook, iPad, and iPhone skins

Though they may treat their arsenal of Apple products with utmost respect, their reverence is not an effective form of defence. Even the most prized devices are likely to show some wear and tear, but by giving them a vinyl skin, you can vanish away these unsightly marks from their gadgets. MacBook, iPad, and iPhone skins wrap around these devices to cover up any cosmetic damages, and their vinyl material (which is scratch- and grime-proof) keeps any more from appearing.

If your loved one is especially clumsy, the skin experts at dbrand have created the first ever skin compatible Grip case. Its carbon composite construction is reinforced with impact technology that can stand up to more intense wear. Nicknamed the world’s grippiest phone case, it also stands a better chance at staying in their hand, all while wearing exclusive textures like bamboo and dragon skin. Once you’ve seen how easy it is to create a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone decal for your Apple addict, you’ll want to grab the coolest skins available for your iPhone 8 too.

3M Privacy Screen Protectors

Whether they take their Mac to the local café to send off a few emails or use their iPhone to catch up on Mindhunter while they commute to work, they probably don’t appreciate their neighbors watching over their shoulders. Give them the gift of privacy with a 3M Privacy Screen Protector. It’s made out ofmicrolouvre technology that conceals the screen from anyone who isn’t directly in front of the display. It’s also scratch resistant and easy to clean, so it’s a simple way to keep their precious screens safe.

Since each screen is different, you’ll need to order the appropriate protector for their device. You can find them on Amazon or through the Apple website. All you have to know is the right model and generation of their gadgets to get the right filter.

The Steve Jobs Biography

If their love of the Cupertino-based company is not limited to the gadgets in their hand, the 2011 biography of its founder could quench their curiosity about the brand. Written by Walter Isaacson, a best-selling biographer and former CNN and TIME executive, Steve Jobs is the only biography approved by the man himself. Isaacson used 40 interviews with Jobs, plus hundreds of character interviews, to write 42 chapters about his life.

Released just months before his death, Steve Jobs became Amazon’s 2011 #1 best-seller, and it earned several awards and honors, including a spot on Time Magazine’s Best Books of the Year and a rating of 4.1/5 on Good Reads.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to read all 42 chapters to crack the code to Apple-themed gifts. A guide like this is all you need to find that perfect present for your Apple lover, so choose one or pair several together and create the ultimate Apple gift basket. However you decide to spoil the person on your list, don’t panic — you’ve got this!

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