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G&G’s Stable Ink Solutions for Wide Format Printing

Wide format printers are widely used in architecture, engineering, construction, and photography. But even the most advanced printers rely on consistent, high-quality inks to deliver clear and sharp prints. You need a good set of ink cartridges to start your print jobs.

G&G Image, with 24 years of industry experience, has researched and developed a comprehensive lineup of wide-format ink cartridges. They offer reliable and affordable ink cartridges compatible with leading printer brands such as HP, Epson, Canon, Mimaki, and Roland.

G&G's Stable Ink Solutions for Wide Format Printing

Premium Color Paste

A good wide-format cartridge starts with selecting color paste, the foundation of ink formula. G&G sources their color paste from leading suppliers like DuPont and Cabot for the best color performance. So their wide-format cartridges can deliver superior color reproduction while being safe and eco-friendly to use. All their color pastes meet RoHS and REACH criteria.

Advanced Filtration Technology

By using a 4-level nano filtration process, G&G effectively removes impurities from ink raw materials. This keeps the printhead from getting clogged and makes sure the printing keeps going without interruptions.

Advanced Filtration Technology

Improved Standby Performance

If you’ve ever left your printer idle for a while, you’ve probably come back to find dried-up ink on clogged printheads. G&G has a solution for that. They add aqueous solvent to their ink, which keeps it from drying out even if you don’t use your printer for long. So, your printer stays ready to go whenever you need it.

Glossy Print Results

For professional-grade printing needs, achieving a glossy and vibrant finish is important. After extensive research and development efforts, G&G has developed a specialized resin formula that produces glossy finish with superior fade and scratch resistance. Your prints will stay bright and vivid without fading for years.

Reliable Performance Anywhere

No matter where you live or work, their wide format cartridges can keep your prints looking great. G&G tests their wide-format cartridges in all sorts of conditions to make sure they work well even in extreme temperatures and humidity levels. So, you can trust G&G to deliver reliable and high-quality prints wherever you are.

If you’re interested in their wide-format inkjet products, you can visit their website to learn more about their offerings.

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