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Get your 100% protection with ClevGuard

Privacy is an important feature of a browsing experience that cannot be compromised at any cost. However, when it comes to kids, given the kind of exposure they have with the digital world, setting a validation deems important. Some web browsers and devices have designed strong shielding techniques in their system to avoid any invasion. Hence sneaking through the actions of the kids becomes complicated as much as intruding on any private digital space.

How do we solve this issue? Since it is indeed necessary to track the kid’s activities in the digital space, we are in dire need to come up with a solution for this. There comes a savior in the name of ClevGuard which is a software tool that enables you to monitor data and control it if needed.

This product has opened possibilities for the parents to track their kids’ actions without leaving a trace of identity. Navigation and operating the tool also is easier when it comes to executing it. Any chatting actions to calls can be traced without any filters maintaining anonymity to the core. Details about the product follow.

Methods and benefits of checking private networks:

We all know the need to monitor the kid’s activity when it comes to their browsing experience from the kind of information access they might be exposed to. To track their actions will always be a task that strikes as little expedient as we intrude on their privacy at some cost. Hence to do something on that level, maintaining some anonymity comes as a significant aspect.

Any small invasion of space would expose your identity as any web browsing software is built into that design where there is no evasion to recognition. To bypass such a system, we need software that completely controls the actions while giving away what has been hovered or browsed by the member without any trace of tracking. KidsGuard Pro from ClevGuard has the ability to track such a browsing experience to enable the parents to have clear control over what their kids have been up to.

KidsGuard from ClevGuard:

One of the best applications in existence that has the capacity to extend control over browsing data without leaving any traces or marks. There are no compromises in the product as it tries best to cover all possible loopholes of such a task making it superior to all control software that is in float.

This has become the benchmark of control software over time and strives hard to adapt to becoming universal in its aspects and benefits. The anonymity of the intruder is concealed to bits and no kind of signals would be indicated to the party at stake in case of any tracking of the target device.

The date and data that has been browsed to what has been accessed at what time intervals, everything will be exposed without any gaps. Live tracking also comes as an additional benefit when there are any callous calls from the members.

The monitoring features covers messages, videos, call history, browsing history, WhatsApp, or any other chat application. Every application is in control and what amount of time spent in the software is also for the knowledge of parents who try to track the moves of the kids.

Pro effects of using the product:

Get your 100% protection with ClevGuard

  • To keep watch on kids, the only way is to leverage a monitor application that tracks every move of them. The KidsGuard in particular has the credibility to validate 30+ files including mainstream applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, SMS, calls, etc.
  • One of the advanced pro effects which have been mentioned before is the anonymity it offers. This is remote monitoring software that only traces the actions from afar.
  • The phone or the device which is being tracked need not be rooted or location-specific as the software is location-agnostic and works at any random time & space.
  • The working procedure of the software is not complicated to even bits. It is user-friendly in all terms and kick starts its validation within minutes.
  • The coverage aspect of the software extends to all applications from normal chatbots to any message service applications.

Location-bound validations:

The location tracker helps a great deal as they also give an account of where the kids enter virtually. Any kind of arbitrary boundaries set by parents can be monitored and validated by them as that geo-fence that will alert them every time they access any no-go zone.

The real-time zone tracking also helps the location traceability where the kids go and where the system has been accessed with the help of a GPS system. The data of all the locations they have covered can be exposed to the eyes of the parents with the help of this software.

  1. It tracks your GPS location and keeps the parents notified of any alert signals.
  2. The location history and the account of where the system has been would also be for everybody’s notification.
  3. The Wi-Fi signals indicate where the device has been and exposes to the tracker at ease.
  4. The geo-fence that parents impose on the system helps alarm them whenever any virtual boundary has been cracked.

Remote access to the target systems:

ClevGuard for Whatsapp

One benefit of having a control software is to be able to extend a hold over what kind of actions are being executed in the target system. The best way to deal with all kinds of validation is to have remote access to their system at any random timelines.

The calls from the target system to any kind of photos or screenshots can help put a blanket on their dubious activities. Recording phone calls and remote screenshots to secret photographs are the services that enrich the software to be the best among its contemporaries.

It’s easy to install the app in 4 steps:

  1. Sign up with a proper email and register an account from the official download link.
  2. Install the device from the official website in the target system.
  3. There is a dashboard control panel that pops up as soon as the installation is completed successfully.
  4. Use the dashboard and keep tracking effectively.

Why it is the best?

  1. There is a real-time augmented integration of the system with the help of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks.
  2. Installation happens in minutes without any arduous effort.
  3. Anonymity comes as an added benefit.
  4. Data protection is maintained to closure without any tampering.
  5. The data types and applications are ample for coverage, as all types can be monitored.
  6. The price is affordable and worthy of the kind of benefits it offers.
  7. It supports multiple languages without any restrictions.
  8. Customer support to help officials work 24/7 to clarify any issues spot on.


ClevGuard has come up with an excellent product that is compatible with all devices and is very effective. Tracking software is a useful application and many can’t do without its service when they try to track their kid’s activities. Visit ClevGuard to know more about the application and leverage it to the best of its abilities.

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