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Get the Right Chair and Table for Rent for your Event

Providing sufficient place to sit for any event is a major details with no room for errors. Whether you are planning for reception, party, conference, wedding or any event, your guests will always desire to sit and be comfortable till the time they are there.

Right Chair and Table for Rent

Get a seat

You might not always think about how and where to make your guests sit, but seating is of great important for any event. So, it is important for chair rental to be the top most priority when you plan for your event. Seating doesn’t need to be ornate or too gaudy to suit your desired purpose. Rather, it should be appealing, comfy and functional adding the perfect touch to your affair. Look for options that render comfort and support to your guests in a style which suits the theme, décor and design of your event. Apart from this, you also need to focus on the tables too.

Different styles and designs available

Before you move ahead with chairs and table rentals, discover the different styles you have to select from. A simple choice would be going for white seats with black softs and padded seats and round tables. Another option is a simple white folding metallic chair with plastic back and small square tables. If you wish to go for a natural style, you can choose simple wooden chairs with rustic finish and padded seating with wooden tables in different shapes. Bamboo is quite common for casual events. You also have options for children size tables and chair which are great for birthday parties for kids. You can go chairs in vivid colors and shapes. You can use table and chair covers with designer fabric, ribbon with bow and tulle to make the décor beautiful.

Dress the furnishings

If you want go for a stylish and fancy table and chairs for rent, you can also accomplish that look without burning a hole in your pocket. All you need is a little innovativeness. Just make your basic selection and add décor to it. You can cover the table and chair with designer fabric, ribbon with bow and tulle to make the décor beautiful. You can also use garnishing and table decoration with artificial flowers in the centre to add a unique festive touch to match the event décor.

How many tables and chairs to rent

In order to calculate the overall table and chair rental, you need to know your guest count. A lot of people have limited and counted invites while others have an estimated list of guests for their event. The number of tables you need actually relies on the number of people that can sit on one table comfortable. If you are serving a meal, you need spot how many guests are sitting on every table along with few extras for safety. A lot of people go for combo of table with chairs or bistro tables which makes the guests stand when they meet and eat others.

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