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Geekvape Aegis X TC Mod Kit

Geekvape Aegis

Vapes are contemporary e-cigarettes and shots with much enhanced capabilities and features. Vaping is another level of user experience if you have nice and ultra-functional kits around you. Though, first generation electronic vapes were much similar to traditional smoke cigarettes but the second and third generation has evolved not only in just shape but functionality and in built features too.

If you want to have best vaping experience then a sleek, handy, smart and tech-oriented kit must be there in your chic pick list. Among many TC Mod kits one of the most renowned and best quality kits is by Geekvape Aegis kit. Optimum quality, extraordinary features, deeper functionalities, user-friendly, mesh oil, portable juicy vaping, and much more traits are available at this kit.

Geekvape Aegis X TC Mod Kit

One of the renowned vaping kits is Geekvape Aegis X TC Mod Kit is empowered with double capacity battery the AS 2.0 chipset inside which enhance its power almost double folds. The product design and outer case enable a secure, reliable, shatter proof, compact coverage from outside. Breakage free, water resistant and dust proof outer case provide more catching features other than inside juicy and tender vape. Also, you have detachable batteries which can be inserted from outside and also can be separatedfrom TC mod kits, so they genuinely mark a difference in your vaping experience through their capacity and functionalities.

Geekvape Aegis

The classy looks with extraordinary features

So, you can be worry free because this vape kit provides you a facility of shatter proof, water proof, extra battery, compact shape, multiple modes and deeper user interface functionalities. One outstanding feature is that you can change the capacity and functionality even heating through multiple function modes available at interface. The interface consists of 2.4 inch OLED screen which is enough active to make you understand what to do with this device once it is in your hands.

This screen user face show you a real time manually controllable things like battery life, power, puffs, storage, selected active modes. Also, this available TC Mods – kit is equipped with Cerberus tank filled up with juice and built up with super mesh oil of 0.2ohm capacity. This vape life tank is enough enabled to enhance the super damn good experience called as sub-ohm tank with 8 multiple flavors to choose from.

Main features

  • External removable double batteries

Batteries are not included in the package box of this kit although to detachable and portable batteries can be purchased along with. The supported batteries that can be inserted into are of a certain capacity that makes this vape functions run smoothly. 2 batteries of 18650 are enough adjustable to make it flow smoothly with entire flexibility and integrations. You can also order these batteries along with your vaping kit from vapeciga  a reliable online vape seller.

  • AS 2.0 chipset

An equipped and enabled powerful chipset of AS 2.0 model inside this kit enable it to work more smoothly and hassle free. The speed and capacity of this chipset is all technology oriented and fast so that it enables you more functional and integrated set of modes inside this vape kit. This chipset is mainly made for great user experience of speedy and accurate responses. Because this kit is made for enhanced and improved functions with adaptability of multiple modes, so the availability of this powerful chipset is crucial here.

  • Multi-mode functionality

Multiple modes with heating and flavor effects and manually controllable effects on screen are available in this kit. User can select the modes according to the self-mood or requirements. Also you can see the power percentage and voltage and heating power on screen. Either you need small and short shots or want to experience some passionate vaping experience; all these features are built in this kit. You just have to manually select the mode.

  • Mesh oil tank with semi ohm capacity – Flexile and passionate vaping system

Also this device is handy and portable to keep it with you even with dull tank and capacity. The mesh oil tank is semi ohm with a optimum voltage capacity and juicy flavor of 8 kinds.

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