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From Zero To Hero: How To Become A Must-Have Brand

A successful brand is something people can’t get out of their minds. A good marketing strategy or a creative ad campaign will always remain with your audience but if you are new to the market starting from zero and want to emerge as a must-have brand you will have to work really hard towards it.

From Zero To Hero: How To Become A Must-Have Brand

Let me tell you this that no brand became an overnight success ever, even if they did you should never have it in your game plan. So, don’t even think about it.

You don’t want to be called a fluke.

If your goal is to become more than just a brand you’ll have to offer more than just a service.

You need to follow some strategies strictly –

Competition Audit

Before starting your own planning and implementation process you must have the knowledge of what your competitors are up to –

What are they planning?

What are their resources?

What will be their next move?

Will your presence affect them?

Do you even create a buzz in the market with your services and products?

If not, then why?

You must know the right answers to all these questions before planning your strategies, good planning works as a blueprint and action plan not only for better results but in difficult situations as well.

To consult and be in touch with a good digital marketing agency is what most brands look for, Especially when we speak about India no brand can perform every task for themselves so they look and opt for metropolitan cities and mostly search for a good branding agency in Mumbai or Delhi to help them out.

Study their marketing strategies, past mistakes and recent trends. I always recommend to learn from others mistakes and never do it yourself. There are n numbers of examples present in the market to learn from.


Think and think again when we speak about small businesses & startups they have the luxury to create something which people have never experienced before.

In your journey of becoming a hero from zero, you have to constantly make sure you are unique and delightful to your customers, clients and target audiences.

And this novelty should be a key part of your brand and branding strategies from website design to a logo, from content to user experiences from newsletter notifications to offers & services you have to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Never ever compromise with the quality of your content. Do not follow the herd, instead always be a leader in what you do.


Now, this is very very important for you to follow, a good brand will always remain good and static but a good marketing strategy will make it great and dynamic. You must know why branding is important for your brand to gain a presence and recognition.

Your presence in every form of media, every aspect of advertising is crucial and evident.

In a survey, it is reportedly observed that more than 75% of people click on the links and ads which feature on their newsfeed more than twice.

Having a good website, being present on every social media platforms and actively posting quality content will bring you organic traffic & engagement rate.

If you are not reachable, why would your customers make efforts to find you and choose you?

Be in the eyes of your audience all the time and soon you will be in the minds of your customers all the time.

Understanding Audience

Many brands fail at this part. They think they really know their customers but they don’t. After reaching a certain point of success and growth brands forget about their audience and care less about their quality maintenance

If you want to become a must-have brand then you must speak and interact with your customers at regular interval of time, making notes of how they feel, what they like, what are their suggestions, what are their points of pain and how can you alter and make amendments in your services to delight them.


Remember you are your biggest competitors. In every business there comes a point that you don’t have to worry about what others are doing anymore.  Consistency is one thing you must get right when building a brand. Your constant efforts make your brand big.

On the contrary, you have to brainstorm how will you do something which you are already doing in a better way.

Keep challenging yourself.

Consistency is the key for the long term success. You can’t just create a good website have a few clients and customers and then sit idle planning to earn from it in the future.

Hard work and dedication are essential but these traits create a difference and make you stand out from the crowd. Becoming a must-have brand will surely take time and effort and you have to surrender to it.

Author Bio: Prakhar Gajendrakar is a passionate and enthusiastic content specialist at Walnut Folks. He loves writing short novels and blogs and is a connoisseur of Urdu poetry. As an aspiring filmmaker at heart, he ardently follows the works of Anurag Kashyap, Gulzar, Piyush Mishra and Christopher Nolan. When not found at his desk, you can expect him to be either dancing to an upbeat Bollywood number, or humming some Sufi tunes

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