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From Apparel to Collectibles: A Geek Subscription Box Could Make You Their New Star

We all like to receive mystery packages but when it comes to the geek of the family, how can you get them a gift that will keep on giving pleasure over time? If you haven’t discovered subscription boxes yet, here we’ll tell you about how you can find gifts for everyone’s tastes from the huge range of boxes available, in particular for a loved one with geeky tastes. One of the biggest advantages of subscription boxes for geeks is that they often include products that are otherwise unavailable, making it an exclusive opportunity to explore new gizmos and gadgets.

Subscription boxes are themed packages that you subscribe to on a monthly basis. Among the myriad of themes available, the best geek subscription boxes provide a regular stream of exciting, novel and always surprising gifts directly to the door. Buying for people who are interested in things you might not be is always hard and that’s why subscription boxes are rising in popularity. Knowing that someone you love is going to be delighted with your gift brings enormous pleasure and you can make significant savings with subscription boxes too by spreading the cost.

Geek Subscription Box

Here we take a look at some of the subscription boxes geeks of all ages will enjoy;


This is a box that is a must for any comic book geek and includes 5 hand-picked titles each month with a value of at least $20. Boxes feature comics from well-known publishers like DC, Marvel, Image and much more, with the hottest titles that will often increase in value over time. This is a great way of starting a good quality core collection of new and back issue comics, particularly for people just getting into this compelling world. There’s a mystery element to ComicBoxer’s subscription boxes as they include exclusive variants like first editions and signed issues of selected comic books, giving you the chance to increase your collection’s value.

Geeks at Heart

This subscription box caters for your inner nerd, whether you’re into Harry Potter or Star Wars. The products in the boxes appeal to fans of multiple genres of geeky titles, with 2-3 fandoms featured each month. Boxes include between 5 and 7 items that are handmade to a high quality that can be treasured over time as part of a wider collection. The makers of the Geeks at Heart box want you to get in touch with your inner nerd by feeling the same thrill opening your box that you felt when you first watched the movie that sparked your fandom.

Lootcrate DX

This is a varied box for people with geeky tastes with a monthly theme based around the items in the package. For example, the month of October is themed as Mythical as a nod towards Halloween and contains licensed and exclusive products like collectibles, gear and figures. Each Lootcrate box has at least 4 items from pop culture franchises and a tee shirt and is said by the maker to have a value in excess of $45. This is a great box if you’re looking for a geeky gift or if you want to treat yourself and offers the chance to save a considerable amount of money.

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