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From Amateur to Enthusiast: Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Drone?

So you want to be a drone superstar?  For some, flying a drone is a pastime, something to do during downtime.  However, others have invested money in buying an advanced drone so they may then use it for professional pursuits, making a primary or secondary income.  Are you ready to upgrade your drone?  If so, consider the following to ensure you’re an emerging expert rather than an aspiring amateur.

Amateur to Enthusiast Drone

Becoming a Professional

As mentioned, some want to transform their flying hobby into a steady income.  Of course, if you’re serious about making money, you can’t attract clients with a beginner drone.  You’ll have to upgrade but consider a few things.  To start, are you ready to produce professional quality video footage?   Furthermore, what’s the level of competition in your immediate area?  For example, popular tourist spots are littered with professional and freelance drone fliers.

Flying at Night

To date, there are a number of restrictions related to flying a drone.  It makes it difficult to find a place where one can let their drone loose.  However, options are likely to increase at night, a time when fewer people are out at public places.  Therefore, you may want to consider getting an infrared camera. It allows for more recording options, but make sure that your flying abilities are on par with the increased vigilance needed to fly a drone after the sun sets.

Gaining a Professional Eye

Professional photographers can instantly tell whether a shot was taken by an amateur.  Similarly, as your skills for navigation grow, you’ll realize how unstable prior footage appears.  As you graduate and skills improve, you’ll want to use equipment that is in accord.  Primarily, you’ll want to improve the stability of your footage, whether that means updating the in-drone camera, the drone’s wings, etc.  Those who have professional aspirations must realize that talent is measured on the final product or how well one can record footage.

Spending More Time

Of course, all enthusiasts gravitate toward premium equipment.  The person who flies on the first day is no less impressed by an expensive drone than a person who has been flying for years.  However, if you’re considering investing more money in updating your drone or buying a new one, the amount of time spent flying is a good indicator of whether you should go through with it.  Even the cheapest drones need to provide an intrinsic sense of value.  If you love the pastime then make the investment!

Learning More Quickly

In karate, a beginner can get to the next belt in a short amount of time.  Similarly, it requires minimal skill to jump from one’s first belt to the second.  However, through time and because a student learns quicker and more efficiently, trials become harder.  If you’re finding that your flight capabilities are coming along smoothly and at an increased rate, it’s likely that you’re due for an upgrade.  A good way to tell whether you’re getting good is to take a look at online videos of other fliers.  Does your footage look as smooth and captivating?

Mike Plambeck is a Drone Enthusiast who is passionate about helping people learn about both commercial and hobby drones. When he’s not out flying or filming he writes for various online publications and spends time with his wife and two young children.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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