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What is is a web-based online form builder & survey tool with many sophisticated features that enable people to create forms & surveys, customize into the tiniest detail, and collect answers. Users can choose one of many templates such as Feedback Form, e-Commerce Form, or Customer Satisfaction Survey and start collecting answers or selling their products online without a website. At the same time, it’s possible to customize a template or start from a blank page to build the best form or survey that will meet your needs. What really makes the difference for is that it’s incredibly fast, easy-to-use, and all the features are presented on its free plan!

What is

Useful Features of

  • Free plan includes all features
  • Sell online without a website with an e-Commerce form
  • Product basket form field
  • Payment collection through PayPal and Stripe
  • Geolocation restriction for submissions
  • Conditions logic
  • Customizable themes
  • Two main format – List View and Step View
  • Publish & Unpublish Date Options
  • Form embedding
  • No coding skill needed 

How to use

  • Create Free Online Forms

With, you can create functional and good-looking free online forms. You can choose one of many form templates such as Feedback Form, Job Application Form, and e-Commerce form, or you can start from a blank page and turn it into a brilliant piece of work thanks to a wide range of customization options.

  • Sell online without a website with an order form template’s product basket form field enables users to list their products, set prices, and add pictures of the products. Once you create a form and add a product basket form field, you can start sharing the form and sell online without needing any website. Thanks to PayPal and Stripe integrations, you can collect payments upon your orders.

How to use

  • Generate leads

You can create a contact us form or a registration form on and get people subscribed to your services. Thus, you can generate qualified leads and take a huge step forward to reach more people. You can embed your forms into your landing page and integrate with many apps such as Slack, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

  • Collect payment

Whether you are selling online, collecting payment for your services, or raising a donation fund; you can create a payment collection form on or add a payment field to your form and collect payments through Stripe and PayPal completely free and securely. You can set a fixed price or even let the form submitter define the amount.

  • Create Free Online Surveys is not only a great free online form builder but also an outstanding survey tool, using which people can create Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Course Evaluation Surveys. What you can do isn’t limited to these, you can start from a blank page and create any survey for your needs by adding advanced survey questions such as star rating, opinion scale, and picture selection. Moreover, you can set conditions for your survey so only relevant people can fill out them which allows you to have more reliable results. 

How to use 1

  • Collect Responses

Now that you created your form or survey, you can start sharing it through different ways. You can copy your form link and paste it to everywhere you would like to share. It can be your Instagram boutique’s bio for your e-Commerce form or a LinkedIn post where you would like to announce to people your survey and receive submissions. Embedding your form into your website is another advantageous feature. You can also adjust your form’s privacy settings and put pre-defined requirements such as login to submit a form or blocking multiple submissions.

Platforms to use is available on any web browser for desktop devices. Moreover, Android and IOS applications are present on Google Play Store and App Store. With these mobile apps, users can do anything they do on the web without facing any difficulties. 

What about pricing?

What about pricing

Anyone can create an account or login to and use all the features for completely free. There are paid plans, but only for those who need more capacity in terms of form, submission, and form view count. One can create up to 10 forms and collect 250 responses for free on

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