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Five traits that a Video Editing software should have for an iOS user

In the past, you needed a professional to edit your videos. Not anymore. A video can be edited even by an amateur owing to hundreds of video editing software that are available.

iOS is one of the most robust operating systems out there in the market and is also the second most popular operating system after Windows. Thus software companies these days create software that generally caters to either of these operating systems, if not for both.

You might wonder next what is the best free video editing software for mac users or even what is the best video editing software for windows 10.

There are plenty of tools available such as InVideo which is arguably one of the best free video editing software for mac users and also a top video editing software for windows 10.

Some of the video editing tools are free, but they will lack the features offered by paid software. Hence, before you invest in them, you need to evaluate their traits apart from their cost, of course. You can do this by opting for their trial version, which is free up to a certain number of days.

We have compiled 5 of the top traits that a video editing software should possess when it is designed for an iOS operating system –

User Friendliness

You should always choose a software that is the best video editing software for windows 10 and the best free video editing software for mac users as far as user-friendliness is concerned.

It is a well-known fact that the biggest selling factor of most of the video editing software is that it should be user-friendly. Since most of the users are novices, it is only ideal if they can edit the videos with ease without the need for a user manual. If not that, at least the software should be learnable within a short span of time.

iOS is historically notorious for being very restrictive in terms of flexibility offered to users. Thus the video editor you purchase should be flexible enough to ensure that the iOS users have a good time editing video.

One of the ways in which video editing software can make life simpler is by providing easy drag, drop and pinch capabilities to move or resize objects while editing the video. This is a bare minimum feature that should be present, especially considering the fact that some may use the software on a touch device like the iPhone or iPad.

Fast Performance

Editing videos takes a lot of memory from your device as it is a complex process. There are high chances that your experience will be poor if it is bogged down owing to the speed of your system. Hence a video editor should be extremely light-weight and fast to operate and should take minimal memory from your system.

It is always recommended to try out a video editing software on the computer you will use to test out how fast it is performing. Ensure that you add some transitions, special effects, and even audio into the video while you are testing to ensure you test the video editing software to its fullest utility.

Considering the performance, choose a tool like InVideo, which is a fast video editing software for windows 10 and also the best free video editing software for mac users.


Apart from video editing, top video editors should provide other capabilities to enhance their utility for the buyers.

For example, screen capture is a good feature to have, and some video editors provide that facility. Recording the screen is useful, especially for mobiles and tablets where it is a challenge to record videos.

Another popular use for a video editing software is to create slideshows of your images. This could be for professional use or even a personal event like your wedding.

Ease of Sharing

Let us admit it. Most of the videos are created for promotion. Either to promote yourself or to promote your brand or even to promote your product. The best place to promote them is social media.

Hence a video editor should have a direct link to social media enabling quick sharing. Some of the popular social media platforms that users generally use, especially for video sharing are Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Thus, a good video editor should support the sharing of the edited video directly to these social media platforms.

Another factor to consider is the output file formats supported by these video editors. The more the file formats supported, the better it is as you can share and play it with various media players.

Also, ensure that you can change the aspect ratios easily for the same video. This is crucial when you are sharing with different social media which would need different aspect ratios. So you don’t have to worry at the last moment for another software that can change the aspect ratio.

In continuation of this, your video editing software should also provide the capability to choose the file size as most of the social media platforms to have their own file size limits. However, this can have an impact on video quality.

Cross OS capabilities

You should always choose a software that is the best free video editing software for mac users and at the same time should be the best video editing software for windows 10.

If the video editor has a downloadable offline version, then it should have cross-OS capabilities. Also, we are in a period where everyone owns more than one device. Thus the video editor should have the capability to work with all the operating systems.

Windows and iOS are the two most popular Operating Systems available, and the video editor should work seamlessly in both of them.

Apart from the cross-operating system feature, the video editor should work across all the devices or in other words; it should be responsive.

Most importantly, there should not be any difference in features when a user switches between the devices or operating systems.


You have seen the five most important traits that should be present in your video editing software. Ensure you choose a software that has all these traits at the time of testing it when you use the trial version of the product. InVideo provides you with a trial version and is also the best free video editing software for mac users and also the best video editing software for windows 10.

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