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Five High-Paying Jobs for Economics Degree Holders

After years of attending school and spending thousands of hours reviewing your lessons, you’re finally able to leave the place with a diploma in your hands. Surviving college and getting an Economics diploma is already a great accomplishment. Now, you wonder what the top-paying jobs you can get with your diploma are.

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High-Paying Jobs for Economics Degree Holders

As of the current market trend, these are the five highest-paying jobs that require an Economics degree. These jobs usually have to gather, organize, and interpret data with the help of mathematical formulas and statistical techniques. Knowing how to create a model to tackle different problems effectively is a great advantage in the competition. Here are the five highest-paying jobs for Economics majors.

Top five high-paying jobs for Economics degree holders

1. Market Research Analyst

One of the main factors which make a company or a startup successful is the product itself. The primary function of advertisement and marketing is to inform the target market about the product. Whether the consumers enjoy it or not will depend on the value of the product created upon usage. To make the users satisfied in the product, the company needs to know the right functionalities and improvements that will make it more valuable.

Analyzing how a product will appeal in the market is the job of a market Research Analyst. They conduct studies, gather data, and represent the information gathered in their studies in a way that will be understood by the company decision-makers. The average annual salary of a Market Research Analyst is $70,960.

2. Financial Analyst

Being a financial analyst is a job that requires a lot of experience and sharp insight into how a market works. If you can predict the market’s next moves, then Financial Analyst is your cup of tea. You need to be knowledgeable in using computer software that aids in making predictions and analyses.

Financial Analysts usually have a broad understanding of how a market works, the right time to buy and sell stocks, and have their own opinion about publicly-traded company performance. According to reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Financial Analysts have an annual salary of $100,990 on average.

3. Budget Analyst

A budget analyst is someone who works within an organization or business to help in managing the financial budget. One of the biggest responsibility of a Budget Analyst is to make sure the organization or the company has an actionable budget plan for the annual budget. This task includes preparations and predictions of expenditures that will be made by each department.

If you want to work as a Budget Analyst for the government, you need to make some preparations for that career path. You need to acquire a certification to work for the government. Reports state that a top ten percent of this profession earned an annual salary of $111,460 or more in 2016.

4. Economist

Economists usually work in areas related to research and development, typically for the government. This is one of the most popular career paths for people who acquired an Economics degree. According to BLS, the median annual salary of Economists is $101,050 per year. Economists use their extensive knowledge and experience in the Economy to provide forecasts on issues and how they can affect the market.

5. Credit Analyst

A Credit Analyst is someone who assesses and analyzes a client’s risk, which affects the decision of loan acquisition. The Credit Analyst will launch an investigation to those prospective clients to maximize the chance of these clients paying their loans. Additionally, credit analysts are also tasked to present their findings and suggest a good interest rate per client profile.


Economics is one of the hardest but most versatile practices in the professional world. This career path is perfect for people who like to analyze their surroundings by creating solutions. It would be fun for people who want to use different chart and graph tools, as well as other options to create insights which are helpful for a lot of people.

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