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First Day Of Electric Vehicles At Auto Expo 2018

The catchphrase at the Auto Expo 2018 is electric cars and auto makers have put on their efforts on the show. Be it Renault, Tata Motors, or the newbie Kia Motors, almost all companies are displaying their electric cars. While some of these vehicles are concept vehicles and we are not certain when they will really be on roads of India, there are a handful of cars which are anticipated to roll out soon. Here is a look at some of the electric cars on the show:

Tata Tiago EV

Tata Motors is optimistic about its electric vehicles. The Tiago is the mini car from its collection and an electric version of the vehicle is for show. The electric car is planned to be formally rolled out soon. The Tiago EV consumes 90 Minutes in fast charging mode while it takes360 Minutes to charge in normal mode. On a single full charge it has top speed of 100 Kmph and operates for almost 130 Kms.

Electric Vehicles At Auto Expo

Soul EV

Kia on its authorized India entrance unveiled its grand strategies. Amongst other things, the Korean company claimed that it aims to roll out 16 electric cars by the end of 2025. At the 2018 Auto Expo, it has the Soul EV from its stable. The Soul EV is one of its most well-liked electric vehicles all over the world. On a sole charge, Soul EV has a top speed of 150kmph and operates for almost 190 Kms.

Tigor EV

One more electric car from Tata Motors is the Tigor, its sedan. Similar to the Tiago, the Tigor is anticipated to smack the roads of Indian in 2018. The Tigor EV consumes 90 Minutes in fast charging mode while it takes360 Minutes to charge in normal mode. It can run almost 130kms on a sole charge.

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