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Ferrari Energy Says Let’s Accept It: Neither Office Nor Remote Work Is “Better”

The workplace was already starting to shift to include the option of remote work before the coronavirus pandemic pushed society and businesses into high gear to adapt to social distancing and other guidelines. Now, more people than ever are working from home or performing their jobs online from remote locations. The switch in workplace requirements has generated buzz around a debate whether it is better for individuals and companies to work in the office or digitally.

Ferrari Energy, an oil and gas company, has adapted to remote working just like other businesses and can argue through experience that neither option is superior to the other. When defining a “better” work setup or environment, companies have to do what works best for them and the business or industry they are in, given their unique situation and culture. Ferrari Energy goes into further detail on the debate below.

The Perks of Remote Work

Though there are mixed reviews on remote workers depending on the organization and nature of the business, some businesses have thrived by employing remote workers. Productivity rates increase when employees cut out a commute to work and can add freedom in choosing when to work and when to take breaks during the workday. Employees are also prone to overworking, as the University of Illinois suggests. Studies found that remote workers tend to go above and beyond for their company when allowed to work from home or wherever remote place they choose.

Remote working also benefits businesses who need to reduce their budget as overhead is reduced when a company no longer needs to rent an office space for employees to gather.

Perspective from Companies Who Prefer Employees in Office

Co-founder of Reddit Steven Klein could not have said it better: “…some people just aren’t wired for working remotely…For people who are used to and need to be around people to be happy, this can be an enormous problem.” Remote working was also a problem for companies like StatusPage, Yahoo!, Best Buy, RLM Public Relations, and Reddit. These companies were not positively affected by offering remote positions and ran into problems such as decreased innovation, employees having too much freedom and slacking off from work while at home, and difficulties with coordination.

Let’s Face It

Yes, remote working has done wonders for some organizations. Still, the negative experience of others reveals that the success behind remote working boils down to the type of business and how it best functions, and who is doing the off-campus job. If an individual works more efficiently in a traditional office setting and lacks self-motivation to stay on task at home or outside of the office, remote working would not be beneficial for a business. To conclude the debate, let’s face it, there is no “better” universal business option when comparing an employee working in an office to an employee working from home.

About Ferrari Energy

Ferrari Energy took its name from its founder, Adam Ferrari. Adam is a local of Chicago and was officially taught in chemical and biomolecular engineering. He finished his degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and completed at the highest point of his group, graduating magna cum laude. As a youthful expert, Adam worked in the tasks and business sides of the energy business. Subsequent to acquiring ten years of direct industry experience, he took his enthusiasm for the energy business and dispatched Ferrari Energy.

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