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Features to Check When Implementing a PIF Manager Solution

Implementing a PIF Manager Solution

Many platforms manage PIFs, but not all are equal. The first thing to look for is AFGC approval. The site collects data from manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and brokers.

To ensure integrity, AFGC must verify each party’s data source. The council verifies the data independently. Since a wrong data source might affect other data sources, use an AFGC-approved platform like Bizcaps PIF Manager.

What features to check before implementing a PIF manager solution? Here, they are.

Localising Product Content

The PIF manager solution allows you to offer your product content with high localisation throughout the world. It helps you post your product information in your target audience’s preferred language, currency, and dialect.

The PIF manager system uses globalisation technologies to enable the system’s location based on the viewer’s region. The location function is quite essential if you wish to expand your business to other global destinations.

Centralised and Cloud-Based

You need a robust PIF manager that can function well from a centralised repository to manage all your PIF forms and other databases. The system should automate the data processing tasks to bring more speed and efficiency. Cloud-based PIF managers minimise manual errors and ensure better accuracy.

Bulk Editing

Editing product information on numerous distribution channels is extremely important. Suppose you adopt manual or traditional methods for altering product data. In that case, you have to devote a great deal of time and effort to edit information on all distribution platforms, one by one.

The PIF manager solution can collectively edit product data and help launch product information consistently on various channels and platforms. The solution saves a lot of time for your team to change data manually. Automating editing processes will enable your team to focus on innovative, productive, and more challenging jobs.

Management of Digital Assets

Integration of strong digital asset management (DAM) software with your PIF manager allows you to centrally manage all digital materials such as photographs, videos, graphics, documents, and other media information.

You can create superior digital experiences for your customers using DAM software. When you add digital material to the product page, the conversion rate also increases. That’s because more users are drawn to visual content. In addition, the deployment of DAM enables an extra link to digital assets using location information for brand ad suppliers.

Collaborative Workflow

The PIF manager allows several users to simultaneously develop and amend the product information to speed up its time-to-market. You can access relevant tasks and content based on rules and role configurations by integrating a graphical workflow editor into the system.

Data Security

When implementing PIF Manager Solution, you need to look for providers with appropriate certification and effective data security. The software for the management of product information should have optimal encryption at different levels of data storage to minimise the possibility of hacking and other data loss.

Also, examine the terms and conditions of the provider for data storage, and make sure that your data cannot be sent to or shared with a third party without your authorisation.


The PIF manager should be scalable so that enterprises can use it as required. A scalable solution means that access to the PIF solution is not limited to one or two devices, and PIF forms can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The system can grow with your business over time.

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