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Everything You Should Know About XLN

What is XLN?

Executive Leadership Network or XLN is an exclusive global community of Chief Executive Officers or CEOs, collating with one another to overcome the challenges, improve the performance, as well as attain personal and professional strategic objectives. A global group of high level experts, XLN gives the support needed for those people who want  to take both their business and personal life toward the next level.

XLN offers a dynamic balance of personal and professional insights that contribute to a truly revolutionary development via cutting-edge programming and small, structured meetings.

Should Know About XLN

The Mission of XLN

The mission of XLN is to provide CEOs with innovative business and personal growth strategies, impartial feedback and new ideas for leadership development for the business.

The Founder of XLN

Mark Stagen is a dedicated business consultant and community leader. He started his first ever business at the young age of fifteen and did not look back. Quite a number of successful companies have been established and subsequently sold since then, which would include Telecore and Emerald Health Services, which produced over $1 billion in accumulated sales. Mark also started the Youth Business Alliance which is a non-profit organization collaborating with High Schools in economically disadvantage places to educate, inspire and encourage learners on entrepreneurship, business and career growth.

Mark has earned countless awards, both in the business and community aspects which includes: Inc. 500 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year. He is very involved with YPO and has participated in numerous management roles including being a Regional Chair and Chapter Chair. Mark, in just three years, got his BA from Yale University, was a part of the Yale Football Team and has been an Adjunct Professor in the department of Entrepreneurship of USC Marshall Business School.

How XLN works

Provide forums from renowned CEOs

Established to provide a confidential, impartial room for recommendations and discussion, the XLN’s CEO Forum is comprised of a dozen experienced professional CEOs and meets monthly in person. Hardly any subject is too complicated, hard, or out of boundaries. Every forum puts together a diversified network of high-performance business leaders to participate from varying views in creative problem solving, problem solving, and innovation.

Has an Advisory Network you can rely on

Being a person at the top, it is of exceptional advantage to have on board a group of experts to double check and evaluate your decisions. XLN gives you access to an extensive, peer-to-peer network of Chief executives and business leaders you can easily call on. The leaderes will be the key drivers for substantial professional and personal progress, acting as the trusted peer consultants as well as being close colleagues.

Provide coaching from industry experts

A committed C-level expert who had been trained to conduct productive and meaningful discussions will moderate and facilitate the XLN Forum. These highly qualified people have industry experience of at least 20 years in large-scale businesses and are there to keep providing quality assistance, feedback and strategies.

Benefits you can get with XLN

Develop strategies and hone skills

XLN was established to coach CEOs and to guide them. Developing knowledge and abilities between many top executive management leads into improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced dispute resolution, improved communication, and enriched business skills. XLN has been a Hybrid Development Organization (HDO) that combines traditional and non-traditional approaches to develop a holistic network of coaching to help CEOs improve their abilities.

Helps your company to grow

Just about every CEO in their right mind knows that stagflation is death, and it is essential to scale your company. XLNs vast network of CEOs will be able to provide you the competitive advantages to take your business further than that and eventually become your industry’s trailblazer.

Helps in building your leadership team

It all ultimately boils down to the persons you surround yourself with to empower both your business and yourself. With XLN, they will teach you on to hire, handle and maintain top talent, and develop natural instincts on how you can easily identify both internal and external A-players.

You can get unwavering support

XLN’s committed forum groups will hep in auditing your strategy and business. CEOs gather on a monthly basis to address issues, share good practices, assess possibilities, as well as tackle operational issues. Members of the Forum will also be your dedicated support system to address the issues you encounter with about the same urgency and expertise which they would apply with their own issues.

Let you learn the best business practices

Becoming an effective leader needs constant prudence, and it is always absolutely essential to be exposed to the current concepts. Apart from keeping you up-to-date on the current trends, XLN will also be able to provide you access to distinct and unique programs intended to assist you interact with like-minded people.

Can enhance your techniques

Growing your business generally starts with developing yourself and your skills in management. You can get exclusive executive mentoring from those in the system of XLN and let you learn how to optimize and develop new abilities.

Can expand the reach of your company

It takes more than finesse to ultimately dominate new and evolving markets. CEOs need to have the appropriate experience. XLN can help CEOs gain knowledge from other CEOs and take advantage of their insights into making it into an action plan. XLN will be able to provide you with significant exposure to a dynamic online community to help make your strategy perfect and effective.

XLN Membership Requirements

All the CEOs of XLN must be dedicated to the influence of continued learning, professional and personal development and have with them a genuine desire to contribute their skills, and time to a XLN experience.

  • Must be the CEO, the President or the company’s Managing Director
  • Must have direct and/or indirect reports for at least five years
  • Your company should have an annual income of at least $1,000,000, or the company would have to have a 3rd party standardized enterprise value of more than $10,000,000
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