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Everything You Need to Know about Verint Knowledge Management

Modern-era compliance requirements are complicated and numerous, making it difficult for agents to remember all the data, affecting interactions. This creates the need for agents to have an authentic data source so as to relay the right information at all times. And this is where Verint knowledge management comes in.

Verint Knowledge Management

What’s Verint Knowledge Management?

Verint knowledge management is a powerful, virtual workforce that helps you make better decisions faster by analyzing your unstructured data, including recordings of phone calls, survey responses, and market data—and getting to the facts that hold the key to your success.

Verint Knowledge Management can help organizations create an effective knowledge-sharing strategy that openly shares essential information among employees to achieve improved business performance.

What are the Benefits of Verint Knowledge Management?

Some of the benefits of Verint knowledge management include;

Offers Collaborative Technology Solutions

Verint Knowledge Management offers collaborative technology solutions for sharing information, knowledge, and intelligence across all areas of your business with your customers, employees, and partners.

Helps Offer Better Customer Service

It helps deliver faster and more complete customer service. Also, It enables contact center agents to focus their time on the customers they care most about by automatically routing contacts that require minimal involvement to less-busy agents. Customer satisfaction improves because more high-priority calls are answered quickly, with fewer dropped calls and repeat transfers.

Offer Help for Complicated Issues

When complicated issues arise, providing fast and effective help desk support is key to keeping customers happy and business operations running smoothly. Verint Knowledge Management software simplifies the process of identifying, tracking, and resolving complex issues so that you can deliver help desk support in a timely and effective manner.

Enhance Business Success

KM helps you deliver more precise customer service by providing a single place for customer information and improved customer interactions. The Verint Knowledge Management solution helps you collect customer data, organize communication, and meet defined goals, allowing your business to reach its full potential.

Easy Access of Data

Verint Knowledge Management (KM) lets your employees access the data and insights they need from across your organization.

Improve Productivity

Verint Knowledge Management allows you to help your staff spend their time on the tasks they need or want to work on — not searching for the facts they need to start. It’s easy to align their interests with the training they receive and deliver it right when they are ready.

Simply put, across an enterprise, knowledge and expertise is spread out among individuals, content, and applications. Organizations need to find a way to deliver insight based on this information in a predictive manner. One of the great advantages of Verint Knowledge Management is that it can do exactly that–bring together this widely distributed and valuable information into one place for analysis and reporting.

Easy Communications 

Make your communications easy to consume and readily available. With the most intelligent integration platform available, respond to customer needs quickly and accurately by rapidly looking up information right inside any chat or voice application.

Finally, a Verint knowledge management solution is the only place to quickly access information about customers and prospects, making it easy for agents to achieve personalized customer engagement at scale.

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