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Essential Steps for Successful Software Development

We’re living a tech-intensive lifestyle, and software is part of our daily routine, even if we don’t realize it. But, it’s impossible to imagine an activity you perform not powered by some system. A intensive programs of software development schools that might help you

Software product development is a complex and precise process with strictly defined stages, also known as the software development life cycle. When building a sophisticated system, mobile app, or end-user web, the practices you adopt highly influence its functionality. Suppose you have a software idea to revolutionize the tech world. In that case, the collection of methods and rules you use to create the program and engage with project stakeholders and non-tech team members can make or break your project. Innovative software can bring your brand a competitive advantage in the industry, and therefore you should treat it as one of the most valuable assets of your business. But before sharing your idea with other people, make sure you protect the software before you write its code.

Here are the stages the software development life cycle includes.

Successful Software Development

Use non-disclosure agreements

When you hire people to help you develop software, ask them to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your idea. The main idea of signing these agreements is to limit the number of people who share details about your project and protect specific aspects of the system. If someone reveals software details to a third-party, they can harm your brand because a competitor can implement it before you and deprive you of the market advantage. Therefore, you should disclose your software idea only when imperiously necessary and to people who signed NDAs.


All products start with ideas, but not all ideas are successful if not effectively implemented. Meticulous brainstorming is an essential step in software development because it establishes the project’s goal, defines the means for the software to meet objectives, identifies possible issues, and determines the timeframe. Don’t move forward before you craft a perfect plan.

Spell out who owns the code

If you collaborate with a third-party to implement your software idea, pay attention to ownership problems. Establish from the beginning who possesses the software documentation and final product. Before signing an agreement with another company, assure you own the code and all aspects of product development. Another element to consider is that during the development process, the third party uses platforms, technologies, and other development tools, and you must determine how they influence the possession of the product. Ensure you get the right to license and use all those technologies even if you stop your collaboration with the third-party developer.

Run a feasibility analysis

Once you define all project details, it’s essential to run a feasibility analysis to gather a complete understanding of the project requirements and goals. Feasibility analysis uncovers all economic and technical factors that can influence the application development process. It also identifies the risks the development process implies to create strategies to prevent possible issues. Clearly organized paperwork facilitates cooperation and understanding between the parties involved.

Design the software

Software design is an essential step in software development. During this stage you create the software concept, detail its architecture, and establish its particular requirements. Creating custom-tailored software comes with special standards, and you need to work together with your team to create its structure. During this phase, you build the project’s structure and the final prototype to clarify what stages the development process implies.

This process shapes a visual model of the software, and establishes its functionality, tools, features, capabilities, and objectives. Once you identify the perfect design, you can move to the development stage.

Get a software patent

Applying for a patent to protect your software can be a challenging task, and it’s best to work with a company that offers software invention guidance. To get a patent for your product, the software idea must meet specific criteria (it should be innovative, solve an existing issue, and provide an obvious solution). To understand if it’s worth getting a patent for your product, consult a specialist with experience in the field of intellectual property. The procedure is intricate because a patent can protect only software with non-obvious properties. Once you get it, you’re sure no one can develop any variation of your software.

Development and coding

This phase is about writing code and transforming the design documentation into an actual program that functions according to the plan. Most times, this stage takes the most because it’s the backbone of the software development process, and there is an extensive list of aspects that require your attention.

You must collaborate with the software engineering team during this step to ensure the code they write meets your requirements specifications. It’s best to check the coding evolution at each stage to ensure the end product will be ready-to-use.

Check your team

When you hire specialists to help you build the software, run a background check to determine if they’re trustworthy experts. The software development process implies sharing information that people can use to create a competitive product before you launch yours, so it’s crucial to work with people who won’t disclose your software idea. It’s easy to determine whether the software engineering team has a good reputation among its former customers.

You must ensure you work with reliable specialists who won’t leak any information to harm your business. These measures aren’t crucial only for the benefit of the software and brand, but for everyone involved in the project (possible buyers, investors, contractors). Nowadays, it’s not difficult to check if the developing team had any ethical issues or disputed with previous clients.

Your software idea is your business’ most valuable process if you intend to sell it, so before you write code and design the product, consider the above steps. The software development life cycle differs from a system to another, so yours may require adjusting to meet your particular needs. It’s important to bring on the market a product that provides you with a competitive advantage at the end of the day.

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