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Employer Seal – How To Win New Employees As An Employer

In today’s working world, it is increasingly difficult for employers to find and retain qualified employees. Competition for the best minds on the job market is fierce. This makes it all the more important to be attractive as an employer and to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is to award an employer seal of approval. This article shows what employer seals are, how they work and how employers can benefit from them.

How To Win New Employees As An Employer


What are employer seals?

Employer seals are awards given by independent institutions that recognize employers for their outstanding performance as employers. The criteria for awarding an employer seal are usually very strict and include aspects such as working conditions, employee satisfaction, personnel development and social benefits. There are many different employer seals on the market, awarded by various institutions. The best known include the “Great Place to Work” seal, the “Employer Award” and the “Top Job” seal.

How do employer seals work?

Employer seals are usually awarded by independent institutes that conduct an extensive survey to evaluate working conditions and employee satisfaction. Employee surveys and audits are often conducted for this purpose. The results of these investigations are then summarized in a report and presented to the company.

If the company meets the criteria, it is awarded the employer seal. Employer seals have a limited validity period and must be renewed periodically to ensure that the company continues to maintain high standards as an employer.

The benefits of employer seals for employers

Employer seals, such as the well-known Employer Award, offer a number of benefits to employers who are concerned about employee satisfaction and retention. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. improvement of the image as an employer.

Earning an employer seal signals to potential applicants that the company is an attractive employer that cares about the well-being of its employees. This can help improve the company’s image as an employer and attract more applicants.

2. increase employee satisfaction

Conducting employee surveys and implementing suggestions for improvement identified through the seal process can help increase employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more productive and tend to stay with the company longer.

3. attracting qualified applicants

An employer seal can help attract qualified applicants who are looking for an attractive job. In a competitive labor market, the employer seal can make all the difference in getting potential applicants to choose the company.

4. improving employer branding

The award of an employer seal can help to improve the employer branding of the company. A positive image as an employer can also help the company to be better perceived by potential customers and business partners.

5. Increasing employee loyalty

Employer seals signal to employees that the company cares about their needs and wants. This can help increase employee retention and reduce turnover in the company.

How can employers win an employer seal?

In order for an employer to win an employer seal, they must meet the criteria required to be awarded the seal. These criteria can vary depending on the seal, but generally include aspects such as:

  • Working conditions
  • personnel development
  • employee satisfaction
  • Health and welfare benefits
  • Corporate culture and values

In order to ensure that all the required criteria are met, one should first find out about the various employer seals and find out which seal best suits the company. Following this, a detailed analysis is recommended to find out where the company is already performing well and where there is potential for improvement.

Based on this analysis, concrete measures can then be taken to meet the requirements of the seal. It is important to emphasize that the award of an employer seal is not a one-time event, but must be renewed on a regular basis. Therefore, standards should be continuously reviewed and improved.

Employer seal as a valuable tool

An employer seal can be a valuable tool to become more attractive as an employer and to attract and retain qualified employees. Employer seals signal that the company maintains high standards as an employer and cares about the well-being of its employees.

To win an employer seal, criteria must be met that are required for the seal to be awarded. This requires a comprehensive analysis and the implementation of measures to identify potential for improvement and continuously improve working conditions in the company.

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