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Emoji Guide: Weather Emojis To Use In Casual Conversations

Even before the new normal caused by the pandemic has transpired, the usual conversations already exist online. The massive technological transforms impacted how we live our daily lives, including tour communication’s very fabric. Text messaging and online chatting have become a major instrument for communicating.

Emoji Guide

How do these emojis contribute? Although they may seem cute, funny, and casual, these emojis enhanced our virtual engagements. Especially in communicating with our close friends and families, texting or chatting has become more sensual and sincere with these emojis’ simple yet powerful effects. Weather emojis are useful in today’s situation.

Droplet Emoji

Since climate change is a common issue nowadays and people take these issues seriously, it is advisable to learn about emojis that refer to current weather status. Whether you are discussing light or weighty issues about the weather, you can use these emojis to express yourself better with their versatility. We’ll first start with the droplet or water emoji.

The water emoji is a light blue water droplet that could have double-sided meanings. You can use this emoji to express sweat or tears. For weather expressions, using this emoji can signify raindrops. On the kinky side, the water or droplet emoji could mean that the female reproductive organ is somewhat stimulated. It applies both for men and women too.

These emojis’ versatility is distinct; although they are mostly used in casual conversations, they make our self-expressions more comfortable without typing too many words. They are not highly encouraged to be used in professional discussions, but they still help shorten long instructions.

Fire Emoji

If you are living in a tropical country, then you are probably using this emoji a lot. The fire emoji shows a fire burning, which could also have several meanings. You could use this emoji to express the hotness of the current weather as if the temperature is burning hot. For meme posts, you can use this emoji when you find someone’s post burning with passionate words!

People who post sexy pictures are people who usually encounter these fire emojis. It could go for man and woman; you can send the fire emoji to express the hotness of the person you find attractive. This is a case to case basis, though; you must be careful who to send it too; some are very sensitive to these kinds of kinky emojis.

Water Wave Emoji

The water wave emoji strongly emphasizes beach vibes! Especially for beach-lovers and active surfers, the water wave emoji is typically used. You can save your time, effort, and words and cut yourself to the chase; just send the water wave emoji to your surfing buddy to invite him to surf! If your residence is near the beach line, you can use this emoji more often.

Having casual conversations with your friends who also live in the same neighborhood could easily relate. If your out-of-town neighbor asks how the weather is in your hometown, you can reply that it is wavy or send the water wave emoji. This emoji appears like a tsunami or surf wave with its foamy water appearance.

Snowflake Emoji

Although you may think the snowflake emoji may only apply to winter countries, this emoji can also be flexible. The snowflake emoji’s appearance is a combination of an icy blue snowflake and its six branches, similar to what you usually see in Frozen’s main character, Ice Queen, Elsa. You can use this emoji to express winter in your current place.

For non-winter countries, how can they use the snowflake emoji? You can always use the same emoji to express the coldness of a particular place. If your 1.5 HP air conditioner is at 16 degrees celsius, you can use the snowflake emoji to describe that you are freezing. If someone treats you coldly, you can still use the same emoji to express the cold treatment.

Sun Emoji

Nothing beats the sun emoji to feel the summer breeze! The sun emoji’s hot effect is like that of the fire emoji, only that the sun emoji has more of a weather resemblance. You can choose the plain sun emoji or the one with the smiley face. You can also use this emoji to express how direct and steaming the sun is as of the present time.

Mostly if you are posting on your social media, you can add this emoji to strongly emphasize the beach summer vibes together with your bikini photos! With that, you can also expect that your admirers will comment with a fire emoji to appreciate your “hotness.”


The emojis’ versatility and usability are beyond expectations. Gone are the days where people use special characters on their keypad to express smileys and teary eyes. The advancements of virtual expressions massively changed our communication better than before.

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