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Easy Way To Download Torrents In 2019!

Torrents are one of the easiest way to download free content off the internet today. Be it movies or TV shows or even the latest video games, you can find and download basically everything with the help of torrents. And now that we’re talking about Torrents let’s also talk about the most famous torrent site in the world, The Pirate Bay.

Easy Way To Download Torrents In 2019


The website has been around for more than 15 years and for a good reason. With a huge amount of files being available alongside the trust of loyalists and torrenting noobs alike it’s hard to not know about TPB. Now those who know about it, may also know the infamous cases that it faced back in the day. One particular case against Hollywood for copyright infringement comes straight to mind.

This particular case was the one that caused the initial shutdown of Pirate Bay back in 2004, wherein the website was down for two whole days and no one had any idea what had happened to it. It did come back up again under a different domain name, but now ISP across the world were told to block access to the website, and countries made the act of downloading torrents illegal.

So how can one access TPB when it’s blocked by your ISP or unavailable in your country?

The answer to that is simple. Proxy websites. Proxy websites are copies of the original websites with all the content that was available on it. You can find the best and safe proxy list for Pirate Bay on this page –

Once you’ve gained access to TPB you can easily download torrent files and use them. But we would recommend using a VPN while you’re at it because as we said earlier, using or more accurately downloading and hosting torrents is an illegal act and you may face legal action if caught.

But I opened the website on Incognito mode!

Doesn’t matter, opening a website on incognito mode only hides your browsing history from people who might look into your machine. Your ISP still has all records of your browsing history, incognito or otherwise. They know what you’re doing. And that’s not cool. Which is why you use a VPN so that your IP address gets masked completely and lets you download and use torrents without any issues.

Here are some of the best VPN services around.

Express VPN

Express VPN is an easy to use VPN service that has no bandwidth cap that stops users from downloading files past a certain limit. This makes sure that you don’t end up maxing out your cap and are unable to download your file. The connection speed is unparalleled and you also get a strong 256 bit encryption that allows you to rest assured about your safety. Other features include a kill switch and an IP address checker so that you can verify that your IP is being masked. The service is a paid one, with a pretty high cost per month. But it is completely worth it if you ask us.


TunnelBear is a great free to use VPN service that provides blazing fast connections to various servers across the world. This makes for a great replacement for other paid services, but of course using it for free means that the network does come in with a bandwidth cap and a data limit. You need to get past a paywall to get access their services uninterrupted. But as we said for Express VPN, we’d rather be safe than sorry, and that means that we’d rather pay for a VPN service that works well than sitting and crying over getting prosecuted for copyright infringement.

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