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E-Payments And Their Advantages Techicy

Imagine you are watching something on your TV and suddenly you get a notification from your satellite TV connection informing you that you need to recharge your plan. Or remember when your wife instructed you to pay the electricity bill but you procrastinated and it’s the last day already? These are the possible situations people can find themselves in quite often. You need not stress over such situations now as there are options to pay bills from the couch you are sitting on. E-payments have got more recognition since the demonetization days. With the idea of digital India in full force, there are multiple options you can go for to take care of your payments.

E-Payments And Their Advantages Techicy

What is an E-payment?

E-payment is an approach to make transactions or pay for goods and services using credit cards, smart cards, and e-wallets. It allows consumers to pay from any corner of the world at any time within seconds. One of the most widely used methods of e-payments is e-wallet, mainly because of its simplicity. Furthermore, there are no additional charges for making any transaction in most e-wallets, which make them perfect for use.

E-wallet and its benefits –

E-wallet is basically a mobile application that is installed in your phone to make different transactions like an online recharge, or to pay electricity bills, book train tickets, movie tickets, quick recharge for your mobile data plan, etc. Various e-wallets available for use are Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, JioMoney, PayPal, etc. The benefits of E-wallets are –

  1. Easy to use – You can easily get any e-wallet app on Play Store or Apple App Store. You just need to create a user ID and password and the app is ready to make daily transactions.
  2. Cashback and discounts – E-wallets also remunerates you with various cashback offers and discounts. Using their promotional codes, you can avail various benefits when you are shopping online or any normal transaction.
  3. Quick and easy transactions – Unlike traditional payment methods, it saves quite a lot of your time. With a few clicks, you can buy a product or pay bills.
  4. Transaction history – You need not store your old bills or make a note of your expenses as all your transactions are recorded.

JioMoney is an e-wallet app by Reliance Jio which allows instant money transfer, online bill payment or for any quick recharge. It has several smart features including-

  • Quick repeat purchases – It tracks all your transactions hence you can repeat your daily transaction in future
  • Bookmarking merchants – You can bookmark your favorite or frequently visited merchant for easy and instant transactions on the go
  • Offer notifications – You will be notified of offers, discount schemes from top brands, best available deals,mobile recharge offers, etc.
  • Transaction history – You need not preserve old bills or make note of your spending. JioMoney has a record of all your transactions which makes your life easier

So, no matter what your requirement is, whether you need to pay your electricity bill or recharge your mobile data plan, if you make use of e-payment apps like JioMoney, it does make your life easier. So go ahead and download the app now!

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