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Drone Racing On A Budget: Tips And Tricks

Drone racing is quickly becoming the next big thing. More people are competing in events and leagues around the world. Enthusiasts and beginners can now give drone racing a try thanks to affordable kits, new drone parts, and a large number of retailers for drone parts currently available. Based on the latest trend, drone racing will only be more popular in the future.

Getting started with drone racing is no longer tricky with starter kits to choose from. That said, those who want to get into drone racing without breaking the bank may still find getting the best parts and developing the fastest drone very challenging. These next tips and tricks will help you enjoy the best of drone racing on a budget.

Drone Racing On A Budget

Check the Secondhand Market

A lot of people are experimenting with different parts to find the combination that suits them best. There is an upside to the technical side of drone racing: there are a lot of barely-used parts now available through online forums, marketplaces, and auction sites. You just have to know where to find them.

Joining communities and getting in touch with fellow drone racers near you are some of the steps you need to take to get started. Once you are a part of the racing community, discovering the right secondhand parts to pick up will not be a problem. You will even find secondhand racing drones for sale at great prices.

Minimize Risks

Drone racing can be costly once you start practicing in a real environment. The small costs of replacing parts and fixing your drone after crashing are very deceiving; small expenses here and there translate to a substantial investment into your drone after a while.

A good way to save is by minimizing your risks from the start. When practicing, for instance, use drone simulators to develop your piloting skills to a certain level. Only take your drone outside when you know your way around the controls and you have the reflexes to match your drone’s speed.

Go for Value

Going for the most expensive part or kit – or opting for the best one – is not the way to go, especially when you are on a tight budget. Sometimes, it is better to find parts with a good price-to-performance ratio.

When searching for a new starter kit, for instance, comparing kits based on factors like speed, thrust weight, and the type of battery used allows you to spot the best one to buy almost immediately. The fastest kit can hit more than 150 MPH but expect to spend more than $700 to get one.

A valuable kit, on the other hand, costs around $300 – more than half the price of the previous kit – and is still fast enough to remain competitive. Kits like the Darkmax 220 fit the criteria of price-to-performance balance and they are very popular among pilots.

These are simple tips you can use from the moment you are hooked, but they are tips that will help you build the best racing drone without ruining your personal finance. With more parts, better secondhand items, and valuable kits to choose from, drone racing on a budget is easier than you think.

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John Paul
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