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DoNotPay Saves You the Wait When Contacting Ubisoft Customer Support

DoNotPay is your personal secretary that will contact Ubisoft customer service support in your stead so that you don’t have to waste a second of your time on hold. The app is very easy to download as it’s available for both Android and iOS, and as a browser app. DoNotPay works with more than 10k companies, waiting for the customer support representative to answer the phone. Once it’s time to take the call, DoNotPay will ping you.

US-based customers have to wait around 30 minutes on hold on average, the time you can otherwise spend productively. According to the Time magazine report, Americans spend approximately 13 hours on hold annually. No one has that kind of time on their hands to do nothing but wait, especially if you’re trying to get to the customer service representative during your work hours or have to take care of your family at home.

Gamers who are trying to contact Ubisoft customer service support often have to deal with additional stress and frustration due to the long waiting lines and endless holds. As a huge game development company, Ubisoft receives tons of calls, which means that it will take a while for the representative to pick up, let alone resolve your issues. The companies themselves face danger as their users are more likely to look for other companies that are easier to get in touch with. DoNotPay is the ideal solution for both the companies and the users as the app connects the customer service representative and the customer directly, no frustrating wait involved.

DoNotPay will dial the number of Ubisoft customer service or any other company you need to contact. To make things even simpler, the app will show you the approximate waiting time so that you don’t have to keep your phone on you and nervously expect the ping every moment. Thanks to this user-friendly feature, customers can go about their day and engage in tasks and activities as per usual. Once DoNotPay recognizes the human voice on the other line, it will play the pre-recorded message to let the representative know the customer is recording the call, and then notify the customer. DoNotPay will also record the conversation between the customer service representative and the customer, as a future help for resolving the same issue or proof that the customer service representative has refused to deal with the issue at hand.

Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay, prides himself on creating the so-called “consumer union” and sees DoNotPay “as the world's first robot lawyer. And what that means is a digital advocate for consumers to help them fight back against corporations and governments.”

Gaming companies such as Ubisoft have an enormous user base, which means that the customer service support is not up to par as expected. Not only is waiting too long frustrating, but it often happens that the customer service representative won’t have a clear solution for the user. Ubisoft received huge backlash in 2017 when they released the South Park game, Fractured But Whole because the game was filled with bugs and other issues that left the gaming community stressed and on their own. The company failed to address the issue for ages, which caused Ubisoft to lose many loyal customers. To aid the users, DoNotPay called out the company on social media and recorded conversations with the customer service representatives.

Browder believes that his app represents the customers who need someone on their side when they’re trying to address their rights with big companies such as Ubisoft. As a “robot lawyer,” DoNotPay provides recordings of the conversations which can be published online. No big corporation wants their bad customer support to go viral. In that sense, DoNotPay makes them more accountable and accommodating to their customers’ needs.

Need to get in touch with Ubisoft Customer Support? Get DoNotPay to help you with that.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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