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Do You Want To Establish An International SEO Strategy? Here’s What You Must Do

International SEO StrategyAs your business grows in the local markets, you should think of expanding it beyond the local boundaries. Naturally, you will gradually move from local SEO to international SEO in Kelowna. It will try to increase your digital presence in the targeted locations with SEO.

All business owners know that expanding their business to global markets is not an easy feat. Nevertheless, amidst the 102,066 searches happening on Google per second, you already know the sheer amount of opportunity your business has to capture new markets.

No one would want to miss the lucrative opportunities and potential lying in the international markets, and this is where an international SEO strategy comes in.

In the following section of the blog, we will try to cover how you can develop an international SEO strategy for your brand, which will demand some or all of the following:

  • Starting international keyword research
  • Choosing the right URL structure
  • Try to cater to your target user’s region, culture, and language
  • Focus more on page-on experience.

International SEO

International search engine optimization calls for an SEO strategy using best practices to optimize a brand’s digital content for its users located at places other than its place of origin.

With international SEO in Kelowna, a brand can make search engines understand where the business operations are located and what places the brand is ready to cater to. The Kelowna SEO technique focuses on creating content relevant to the local markets and directing people to the right content at the right time.

A robust international SEO strategy can help your brand to increase its reach to new markets and multiply revenues.

Importance of International SEO

If you are using digital marketing channels to grab the attention of users, the chances are you are already measuring the results and looking closely at people who are visiting your website. When you find out that you are receiving visitors from other parts of the world, it would be wise to tweak your website and content in a way that adds a better experience to your international visitors.

For example, if you are offering your products and services in Canada, but somehow people in the US are also impressed by your work, you must make adjustments to your website so that the US nationals can also benefit from your products and services.

Take help from a Kelowna SEO expert. It will not only improve the structure of your website but also direct the users to the right webpage based on their locations.

With an International SEO expert, it will become easier for you to tweak the structure of your website. You can create content relevant to the users you are targeting. When you have customers from two or three different countries, it is always worth investing in international SEO.

Difference between Local and International SEO

Here are certain differentiating factors of local and international SEO. Check them out.

  • Content: When it comes to international SEO, you will need to create more content than what you do for your local SEO. The primary reason to create more content for international SEO is that you must create unique and tailored content for multiple websites. For local SEO, you need less content as you are targeting certain local regions only.
  • Competition: Global competition is endless, so the efforts you put here must be powerful. The Keywords used in international SEO would differ from country to country. The more countries you are targeting, the more keywords you must explore. Also, the competition for each keyword will vary from high to low. The keyword competition is always high in global SEO compared to local SEO.
  • Money Involved: Your local SEO team is only focused on a single website, whereas the international SEO team manages and optimizes multiple websites simultaneously. Hence, the costs involved in international SEO rise automatically.

Setting up International SEO

We already stated that setting up strategies for international SEO is not a cakewalk. Let us check some points that will help you do so.

Start with International Keyword Research

As a digital marketer or an owner of a digital business, you must understand that some keywords work locally, whereas some will work with global SEO. The keywords will depend on the kind of locations you target and the keyword volume you are targeting.

Choosing the right URL Structure

When you start creating strategies for international SEO, the right domain or URL structure is of utmost importance. With the right URL structure, search engine crawlers can find you easily. Some options open for you are subdomain, subdirectory, ccTLD, and gTLD.

Catering to the Region, Culture, and Language of your Target Audience

Creating content according to the language, culture, and region of the audience is crucial for your SERP rankings. In short, you must use the local time zone, the local language, correct contact information, and the accurate currency to make the search engines and users believe they are in the right place.

All cultural differences should be catered to when creating and designing the content.

Focus on Page-On Experience

Page experience is one of the crucial elements in improving your rankings. Do not miss out on this when it comes to creating a global SEO strategy for your business.

While making efforts for international SEO, be prepared for a mobile-first index so that you can focus on the page on experience, irrespective of your country of origin.

Wrapping Up here

It is time to initiate a powerful international SEO strategy, but always ensure that you maintain consistency in creating quality content.

Creating high-value content with relevant keywords across countries and regions will help you achieve your goals and optimize your website for international customers.

For better results, leave your Kelowna SEO in the hands of the experts.


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