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Do Online Casinos Cheat At Roulette?

In just a brief period, online casinos have won the hearts of many. People now prefer to sit at home and play their games than go to land-based casinos. Table games like poker, roulette, and blackjack can now be played virtually. Slot machines are not left behind. Once you see the bright, eye-catching 777 symbols, you know that the casino features slots.

Online Casinos Cheat

While online casinos gradually expand their reach across various countries, many have started wondering if casinos are cheating their players. The saying “the house always wins” has made people start doubting the integrity of casinos and reach the conclusion that you can never win unless the casino wants you to. Before you agree with this popular opinion, let’s examine how the game works and how casinos “cheat” at roulette.

Rules Guiding the Game of Roulette

Just like poker, roulette is played on a table, and it involves a spinning wheel with pockets numbered accordingly. According to the rules, players place their wager by predicting the exact number the ball would land. 90% of the time, the winner is determined by luck.

Roulette has its variations, just like every other game. There is European Roulette, with its higher chances of winning, and there is the American variant with an extra zero, which reduces the probability of winning the game.

Do Online Casinos Really Cheat at Roulette?

If this is your big question, the answer is no! Although there is a system put in place which favours the house more than the players, the casinos do not cheat at the wheel. In gambling, there is something known as the house edge. This is the advantage the casino has over the player.

In roulette, depending on the type you decide to play, the house edge can be high or low. If you are playing at a European roulette table, anytime you place a bet, you have 46.37% chances of winning, which is in favour of the house. The chances of you winning at American roulette is even lower at 31.58%.

Is the Roulette Game Fair to All?

Regardless of the way you look at it, the game is fair to all. Casinos make use of the RNG system to generate their winning figures. This is in a bid to guard against the game being corrupted. Some would argue that online casinos still cheat, and this cannot be denied. This is because there is no way players can check the authenticity of the RNG system used, and in a game like roulette, where players can make up to 180 spins per hour, people tend to get suspicious when they don’t win as much as they expect to.


One thing you should know, it’s that online casinos do not cheat at roulette. It might look like it, but all is fair in the game. Before putting your money on any gambling site to play roulette, it is advised to check out the integrity of the site so you can be sure your money is safe.


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