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7 Divi Portfolio Layouts for Showcasing Your work

Most creatives rely on a professional website for a better online presence. But when it comes to designers, an online portfolio does more than showcasing their skills- it’s also a way to present your previous works. Be it a website, UX, or graphic designer, you need a platform where you can attract new clients and show off some of your impressive works.

Divi is a nice platform to create a portfolio website. It is particularly useful if you don’t want the hassle of building one from scratch. There are various themes, layouts, and options, which are simple to use and edit. Here, we’ll have a look at 7 best picks of Divi portfolio layouts to help you get your portfolio website to the next level.

1. Architecture Firm Divi Portfolio layout Page

7 Divi Portfolio Layouts for Showcasing Your work

For those interested in customizing their portfolio pages with darker shades of color, this layout from the Architectural layout pack could be of great help. The whole background is black except for the short intro text boxed on a lighter background.

The layout has wide portfolio images that cover almost 80% of the page. Visitors can clearly see your works and even contact you at the contact form placed at the bottom.

The Elegant Themes layout is free and available online. You can install it into your portfolio page using a Divi or Visual builder without having to download the layout.

2. Homepage Portfolio Layout Pack

Homepage Portfolio layout pack is great for illustrators, photographers, and creatives in general. Its design has standard images and texts modules that are easy to modify. It also has five different homepage layout, each with slight Variations.

If you’re still not sure and want to see more examples of how Divi could look you may want to check out BeeWits’s article on websites with some best Divi theme examples.

Layout 01 emphasizes on minimalism and uses a blank page template. Layout 02 has a black background, and layouts 03 and 04 uses grids but differ in the spacing. Layout 05 is more spaced out and uses an open collage.

3. Voyager

Voyager is an ideal layout for photographers, artists, and designers. It is bundled with two-page layouts.

7 Divi Portfolio Layouts for Showcasing Your work

The first has a dark appeal that has a full-screen header and a background image. There is a multi-column layout where you can add images to showcase your previous works. The other layout is similar to the first but has a dark blue background. There is also another layout, having placeholder text and images, where your brand name and tagline is in a circle within the header.

The voyager layout is a Divi premium and costs $39.

4. Portfolio Case Study Page

This single page Divi layout is designed for a one-page case study to showcase a single project such as a website.

7 Divi Portfolio Layouts for Showcasing Your work

The layout has several white-areas for clear communications and placing texts that are easy to read. Just below the full screen header is another section that automatically scrolls down when you hover the mouse on it and rolls back when you remove the mouse icon.

This is a great feature, particularly for those not willing to sacrifice or crop their long, full-page screenshots. There is also a comment section box and a contact area to allow users to get in touch with you.

5. Design Agency portfolio page

The Design Agency layout pack is a free layout from Elegant Themes.

You can load the 9-page layout pack directly into your website from the builder. Included in its pages is a portfolio page which can be utilized in showing your main portfolio items to potential clients.

The layout has also a case study page and 2 project pages that can be used for other portfolio projects in better description and mock-ups.

It is important to note that all images used in this layout are royalty free and can be used in your portfolio page. But you can as well change the images if you already have something in mind.

6. 3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack

3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack has built in 3D effects in its multi-page layout. It is one of the best divi portfolio layouts for various creatives, photographers, designers, model houses, and many more.

7 Divi Portfolio Layouts for Showcasing Your work

The layout has sections for pricing, contact form, blog posts and styling as well for blog posts.

The homepage has an appealing 3D hover effect while the second to last pages are all portfolio pages, each with features like full screen image, links to preceding pages, and project info. This layout is also a premium Divi layout and goes for $20.

7. Agency Web Design Site

The Agency web design site layout was designed specifically for web designers and developers.

7 Divi Portfolio Layouts for Showcasing Your work

It has 5 layouts; homepage, portfolio, blog, about, and contact pages. The homepage shows your work in a project grid and connects the rest of your portfolio via a link.

The portfolio page is plain and simple. It shows your work with minimal distractions within the page. The about page includes all your information and a portfolio grid linked to your portfolio page. The about page can also work as a resume page. This layout is free to use.


As somebody who is interested in Divi, these portfolio layout packs are perfect examples of how your site could look if you opt to choose one of these to power your websites. Although there are hundreds you could use, we chose ones which we specifically think are ideal as Divi portfolio sites.

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