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Discover Your Favorite Wines at Home

We’ve spent a lot of time at home the past year. A lot. We don’t have to tell you that, though, you already get it. And that’s been tough for most of us. At some point, we all just run out of things to do.

Discover Your Favorite Wines at Home

But some of us enjoy not having to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Your home is a safe haven, free from the turmoils and troubles of the outside world. It should be your space that you can make all your own.

You can do a lot from the comfort of your own home, especially in recent history. One of those things that you can now do from home is to discover your new favorite wine.

Get a Sampler for Yourself

Why not have a party all by yourself? Instead of spending another Tuesday night eating spaghetti and watching TV, change it up and spend Tuesday night eating spaghetti, watching TV, and sampling delicious wines.

Order in a few cans in different flavors, or go with a theme. Try a night of whites with a glass of fresh blanc wine, a crisp chardonnay, and a nice smooth pinot grigio.

Wine Party with Your Family

If you and your family are close, why not invite your parents over for a wine party? Have each of your family members bring a different bottle of wine and host a wine night potluck-style. Then, to fuel some intergenerational feuds, have everyone blind vote on which wine was their favorite.

This is a great, creative way to get everyone together and stir the pot. What says “I love you” more than “your taste in wine sucks”?

Share a New Kind Every Date Night

If you don’t want to go all out in discovering a bunch of different wines all over the course of one night, you don’t have to. Space it out over the course of a few weeks with your partner for a fun little journey through the world of wines.

You can make this a sort of ritual to share with your partner. Set one day every week aside for a wine night and make a game of bringing a new wine or two to the date every time. This gives you a special thing to share together and is a great reason to get a little tipsy with your person.

Have a Sleepover with Your Best Friend

Don’t you miss middle school sleepovers, where you got to go to your friend’s house and eat pizza and watch funny movies and paint each other’s nails? Yeah, us too. Sometimes we wish we could go back to those simple days of sleepovers.

But really, what’s stopping us from having sleepovers today? Call up your best friend and invite them over for a classic middle school sleepover, complete with a bunch of different kinds of chips, candy, pizza, and facemasks.

This sleepover will be different though because now you guys can drink. Get a few different kinds of wine to sample with your best friend, and the two of you can go on a journey of finding your new favorite wine together while reminiscing about the good old days.

You Don’t Have to Leave Home to Discover Great Wine

No matter which approach you take it’s important to get out there and try new wines. Well, not get out there, technically you’ll be staying home but. You get it.

Keep things interesting and find something new to fall in love with every week by introducing regular evenings of wine discovery nights all from the comfort of your couch.

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