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Digital Marketing Career: Exploring The Scope And Opportunities

Before going ahead with the Digital Marketing opportunity and scope, we will first check out as to why Digital Marketing is the need of today. Specially, in the field of marketing.

Digital Marketing Career

  • Digital Marketing- Why is it inevitable?
  • As per the various researches conducted, the digital economy is growing 10 times quicker than the traditional economy, and organizations that are involved in online trading, are twice as likely to generate employment, as compared to the ones that aren’t.
  • The world is transforming into a digital one, and come year 2020, every one of the organizations around the globe including India, will have an online existence and along these lines, presenting a lot of career opportunities.
  • It presents before you, a variety of career options. In case you like to code, you can opt for web designing or in the event that you are a writer, you can opt for content marketing etc.
  • This one happens to be a progressive field. With the technology developing continuously, one needs to develop and enhance the Digital Marketing skills, so that his/her career continues to grow.

After understanding the importance of Digital Marketing, now we will move towards aspects like

Digital Marketing scope and salary and the opportunities it presents.

  • Understanding the scope of Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing Career

As of late, Digital Marketing has turned into one of the hottest careers. Statistics demonstrate that the Digital Marketing industry is booming around the world – as much as 8 lakh jobs in the initial quarter of 2017. Going ahead,, which happens to be India’s biggest job portal, came up with and advertised for around 13000 job opportunities in this very field, via its portal in the initial quarter of 2018. On the other hand, USA has created almost 50,000 Digital Marketing quality jobs in the year 2017. Around, 91% of the top recruiters consider certification as their primary hiring criteria, while 48% are ready to offer a higher pay package to the certified candidates.

The fate of marketing has gone way past the traditional practices of marketing, and these days, marketing to a large extent is based on the Digital platform. The scope of Digital Marketing offers a few of the most powerful techniques and strategies of marketing, where age old means of marketing tend to fail. One of the best ways to learn digital marketing is to join Digital Marketing Course in Surat.

The scope of Digital Marketing extends to empowering the industrialists to optimize their businesses in the quickest feasible and the most cost-effective manner. According to the experts, the future of Digital Marketing happens to be more and more encompassing.

Without a doubt, one can say that there is a vast scope as far as Digital Marketing is concerned.

Digital Marketing courses in Pune are the ones that will prepare you for a career in this field having a wide scope. So, go for a suitable course at the earliest.

  • A look at the opportunities:

Being reachable, reliable, quantifiable, influential, and user engaging in nature, Digital Marketing proves to be the magical and all-purpose tool for both brands and businesses. As an ever increasing number of stakeholders become a part of the online bandwagon for a more extensive market-reach, the job and other opportunities in Digital Marketing are consistently growing. In contrast to rest of the sectors of employment, this field can be called an all-season field. It’s too welcoming to even consider turning a blind eye!

The Digital Marketing industry enjoys an extremely open culture. With tools and skills being a part knowledge advancement, updation and up-gradation holds a major portion and that drives you for becoming the next level digital marketer. There are umpteen number of sub-branches that fall under the Digital Marketing field, e.g. Social Media Marketing executive, SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, ORM executive, PPC expert etc. So are the number of opportunities. But obvious! We have already discussed about the number of job opportunities in the beginning.

Jobs Available in Digital Marketing On 15472 jobs : 

Digital Marketing Career

Jobs in Digital Marketing Available On Times Jobs :

Digital Marketing Career

As far as the salary aspect is concerned,

Digital Marketing has turned out to be amongst the highest paid professions. According to Google, the national average compensation of a senior Digital Marketing manager amounts to $95,415 and in case of India, it happens to be Rs. 447, 346! Also, the average salary is found to be ever on the ascent – by a minimum of 30% year on year, if not more.

So, if you’d like to have a career in this field; this is the best time ever. It’s one of the most trending ones; and the prospects are likely to climb, in terms of all the possibilities and probabilities.

In the event that Digital Marketing is your dream job, and you are eager for a career in this field, begin planning now and fulfill your dream. If Mumbai happens to be your city of choice, then a suitable Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai, would be the right place to start with.

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