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Differences Between Template vs. Custom-Made Website

Running a business in this era requires a solid online presence, which implies having a good company website. If you have limited knowledge of design and code, you might be racking your brains for a solution.

Template vs. Custom-Made Website

Template vs. Custom Website: Which Is Better?

You have two options when it comes to website development. You can choose to hire developers to build a custom site from square one, or you can simply lean on a templated site. Depending on your budget, the finished business website can look very different. This article provides an insight into the two alternatives so that you can make an informed decision about which strategy to implement.


If the deal is about getting an online representation for your business, you need to stand out from the crowd. Originality is the key to earning a unique identity in the competitive market. Custom-made websites consistently provide the outstanding appearance that you desire. Contrarily, templated sites can lack the design and functionality that stands out.

Flexibility and Customizability

Custom sites are ideal for those who seek flexibility and customizability in design and functionality. Custom sites get built from scratch, so developers can easily add and subtract features to fit the clients’ needs. On a frugal templated website, you won’t get this much pliability. It might mean that integrating newer technology is not viable in templates. In contrast, custom sites can efficiently incorporate the latest functionality to improve the overall experience of the visitors.


The price of custom-made websites rises as developers include more functionalities into the site. Also, maintenance cost grows as you have to maintain distinct needs for the design or functionality. Contrarily, templated websites are the best option for low-budget projects, especially if flexibility is not a vital criterion. If you strive for an enterprise-level website for your business, it would be beneficial to choose an affordable B2B custom software company to develop it.


Custom website developers frequently prepare mockups before going into the development phase to ensure they’re on the same page as the client. This approach helps in saving time and resources. In a templated website, costs can also be reduced as the clients can choose templates before starting the development phase.

E2E Fulfillment Time

End-to-end fulfillment time for a custom website is relatively higher because the client and developer need to plan, revise and agree on design and functionality. Also, incorporating better features through APIs, advanced design, and plugins needs more time to complete. Conversely, templated websites can entirely reduce the E2E fulfillment time through their no-frills design and easy-to-use CMS while providing the necessary, albeit basic, functionalities.


Due to the nuances of technical details, custom sites often require clients to make regular decisions. This process can easily bring the operations to a standstill as the decision fatigue piles up. On the other hand, templates can provide a more straightforward approach to making a website. This approach allows the developers to create an extensive cluster of functionalities without frequent reviews from the client.

Figure Out Your Needs

Both methods of website creation come with their pros and cons. It is up to you to choose the one that suits your budget and customization needs. For example, if you need custom e-commerce functionality and API integration, a custom website will be your best option.

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