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Dedicated Server Hosting: Guide And Benefits

Dedicated server hosting is an internet-based service where a dedicated server is provided to you for all your web hosting needs. This means everything the server has to offer is at your complete disposal.

A dedicated server hosting is the most powerful hosting option as it offers greater power, better performance and more flexibility than other variants.

Dedicated Server Hosting

How does Dedicated Server Hosting work?

When you hire a dedicated server, your applications like websites, database, video streaming and web hosting are custom-configured to it.

Usually, when you hire the dedicated server, it is yours to manage. However, some companies offer server management.


If you are looking to host your WordPress website, you could opt for companies that offer dedicated WordPress hosting via managed servers.

Why is dedicated server hosting useful?

Dedicated server hosting is useful for many reasons, but power and performance are the top two. A dedicated server provides much better performance than other hosting options, and more power at your disposal to handle more.

Dedicated Servers are typically used to:

  • Host high-traffic websites
  • Host high-traffic web applications
  • Manage and configure the server on their own

What are the benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting?

  1. Website growth and handle traffic boost

If you are planning to grow your website quickly, a Dedicated Server can offer great support.

The amount of daily traffic to your website plays an important role in your website’s performance and therefore in your revenue. In such a case, if you are still using Shared Hosting when your traffic spikes, your website’s performance could drop significantly or it could crash. This can lead to negative user experience.

A dedicated server hosting offers abundant resources to tackle a boost in website traffic, which could save you from losing business.

  1. Enhance website security

Website security is crucial, especially if your site contains sensitive information such as confidential emails, credit card numbers, or customer data.

Thus, protecting your website from hacks, viruses, or other such risks becomes a priority. Even the smallest attack could have the potential to have a negative impact on your website, SEO and customers.

With a Dedicated Server at your disposal, you will be in complete control of your website’s security. This will allow you to optimise the level of security needed to safeguard your website.

  1. Optimised page-loading time

Slow loading can negatively impact all aspects of a website. Slow page-load can lead to a drop in engagement and a rise in bounce rates. This is quite common when you are hosting a high-traffic website on a shared server where resources are distributed.

A dedicated server will guarantee a better bandwidth and enhance your website’s page-load time.

  1. Better control over your server

With a Dedicated Server, you can customise your server to the specific needs that benefit your business. How you choose to use your server is entirely up to you.

You can:

  • Choose preferred software
  • Adjust hardware specifications
  • Pick your operating system (OS)
  • And make various other customisations

You will have great flexibility and full control.

For more information regarding Dedicated Server and why you need one, read here.

When you should choose Dedicated Server Hosting

Here are a few reasons to consider dedicated server hosting:

  • You are serious about growing your business online
  • You want to get more visitors and increase your website’s performance
  • You have or plan to add a lot of graphics and video content
  • Planning to bring multiple shared properties under one website
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