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Data Science Courses – A Closer Look

In the generation when technology is the global ruler, there is a least amount of the population who are unknown to the term data. Data is nothing but collection of facts and statistics used for analysis and reference and can be transformed into a form which can be processed by the machines. Generally data and information refers to the same thing. But, in technical and business industry data is the raw material which is analysed to get information. Data refers to the facts which are machine readable and not human readable. Today each and every industry is accustomed to the concept of data and they are continuously accepting it’s applications, thereby slowly developing and changing the present scenario of the business world.

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Data Science Courses


This is the aspect of data science that deals with gathering of information from raw data. It involves understanding of complex behaviours, different features and trends about the data. It helps the companies take better business decisions based on the perceptions and insights found from the data.


Data product is something which takes data as input and then processes this data to give algorithmic results. The recommendation engine which takes users data as input, works in this data and creates personalized recommendations for the user based on the data is an example of data product.

Data insights or data perception is different from data product. Data product is a functionality which hides the algorithm while merging into the crucial applications in the industry. Where as data insights helps the executives of companies to take business decisions.


Data analytics is a process through which data are examined and inspected to gather the information they hold. Various steps involved are

  • Data requirements
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Data cleaning
  • Data analysis
  • Modelling and producing algorithm
  • Data product


As in recent days data science has left it’s mark mostly over all the industries data analytics has become one of the major priority of the organisations. Thereby creating a need for employees who can understand the pattern in the given data and synthesise them. To educate the youth on the data analytics different data science courses are available all over the globe. Students who want to master data science and analysis to become data scientist and analytics, data analyst who want to improve their skills and knowledge can go for this courses. Data science courses include the following:

  • Python for Data Science
  • R Programming
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning And Introduction to Deep Learning.
  • Project And Resume Prep Session

You can choose a variety of career paths like Data Architect, Developer, Business Analyst, Solutions and Services Expert (for specific branded products), Data Engineers, Database Administrator, Data Scientist for the students opting for the data science courses.

Students are all going for different types of this courses. But filling the gap by the exact bright and right person is becoming a challenge for the companies. In this kind of a situation a certification is of a great help, that is, person with data analytics certification gets the priority among all other.  This is because having a data analytics certification ensures the empowering company that the person hired is efficient in all way to synthesise data and communicate their findings with the company heads so that they are able to make smarter decisions.

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