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Crazy Tooth Studio Slot Developer Review

In many ways there has never been a gambling industry quite like the online slots industry, mainly because there has never been another group of gambling games that have managed to bring in quite as much revenue – far from it!

Crazy Tooth Studio Slot Developer Review

You see, online slot gambling is forecasted to account for over 50% of all global gambling revenue by 2025, which is an extraordinary statistic, especially when you consider the popularity of things like bingo and sports betting.

But here’s the thing: gamblers love online slots far too much to stop playing on these games, and developers like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming or Yggdrasil are consistently bringing out new games at slotsuk.co.uk pretty much every month.

One new slot developer to keep an ear out for is Crazy Tooth Studio, a US based slot developer who goes by the motto “Quality Always Wins”. Keep reading for a Crazy Tooth Studio slot developer review.

Who is Crazy Tooth Studio?

First things first, who is Crazy Tooth Studio? Well, this fairly new slot developer studio was established back in 2011, and there is a funny story behind the name too. You see, Ben Hoffman, the founder, had a dog called Choco who had a snaggletooth, hence the name Crazy Tooth Studio! And Choco even made it into their first slot game, Choco Choco.

Over the last several years the developer has focussed on putting together a slot catalogue that truly adheres to their mantra – “Quality Always Wins”. For this reason Crazy Tooth Studio don’t quite have as many games in their arsenal as other developers, however you can be sure that each title is absolutely stellar and impeccably designed.

Some key Crazy Tooth Studio slots to check out

As always, it is difficult to give a complete picture of a developer like Crazy Tooth Studio without listing some key games to check out, so here are a few of our favourites:

  • Arctic Valor: This icy slot game summarises a lot of reasons why people love Crazy Tooth Studio, mainly their passion for HD graphics and innovative game mechanics.
  • Banana Drop: With full stacked symbols and a fun jungle setting, Banana Drop is definitely one of the most exciting slots to play nowadays.
  • Ancient Warriors: You’ve got to love an Ancient warrior type theme, and in this slot Crazy Tooth Studio definitely do it justice.

Spin those reels on mobile, desktop or tablet

Another great thing about Crazy Tooth Studio is the fact that they design their games with all platforms in mind, which means gamblers can enjoy spinning those reels from their mobile phone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

You know what that means? You can gamble on Crazy Tooth Studio games from your home, or even on your commute to work!

A few reasons why people love Crazy Tooth Studio

There are plenty of reasons why people love Crazy Tooth Studio, here are a few of the most important:

  • Attention to detail: You know what they say, “Quality Always Wins”, and for this reason Crazy Tooth Studio have an immense attention to detail.
  • HD graphics: Most developers offer some kind of HD graphics these days, but they are rarely as clean as Crazy Tooth Studio.
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