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Comparison Between Yealink IP Phones And Polycom

These are two of the best phones that are in the market for companies across the world. While they both are a great way for a business to keep in touch, there are some variations in their functionalities that one should know about. This will help you make a choice on which of them will work well with your needs in the end. Here then are comparisons between the two to help you make a choice for purchase.

  • Both phones are rather friendly to use and both use outlook. Polycom phones utilize TI chipset as opposed to TI Titan chipset that is used by the other
  • Yealink phones have an expansion module of up to 6X38 keys as opposed to polycom with 3X14 keys
  • Both phones share most of the telephony features nevertheless

    Yealink IP Phones And Polycom

Polycom has offerings such as telepresence, video and other sound solutions able to link desktop to mobile phones. They are for use for various settings such as classes and even meetings. The sole aim is to enable people have on-face meetings from their location. This is quite an ineffective way to save on time and money as one does not need to travel to be able to do the same. This is the sole reason that a company should get the phone for convenience.

Yealink IP phones on the other hand cover a wide range of locations. Since it utilizes IP communication makes it easy for cooperation between parties. The main focus is to keep teams in touch with each other no matter their location. Yealink seeks to cut back on carbon emission during delivery of communication between parties.

It is easy to see why the two models are popular with various kinds of businesses. Making communication easy while offering irresistible services is the core of their functionalities. Once you go through the two you can make an intelligent choice depending on what your business is all about. For the business that looks to maintaining contact between teammates operating from varying points then Yealink is the way to go. This will ensure proper collaboration between the parties as they can be able to keep in constant touch with each other all the time. It gives off a feel of teamwork too, since they are able to keep in constant touch all the while. The wide coverage provided by the phone makes this possible to achieve.

For the business that requires having meetings amongst employees or with others, polycom has you covered with the phones. Enable meetings through the phone sets that come in variety for you to choose from. Quite a great idea as it is no longer necessary for people to travel to be able to hold meetings together. Going by this information you can be able to go for the model that best suits your company needs. You grasp that most of your communication needs are addressed by these two as a result you need not look any further for what to use in business anymore.

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