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Classic TBC Leveling Guide: Fastest Way to Level up in WOW TBC Classic and Hit Level 70

Compared to Vanilla World of Warcraft, the WoW TBC Classic has some changes with the level cap – the max level has been changed to 70. With the changes coming to TBC, the question of “How to hit the max level in WOW Classic TBC” becomes popular again. To help you level up fast in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, we list some useful ways for you!

Classic TBC Leveling Guide

Fastest Way to Level up in WOW TBC Classic: 

  1. Complete Quests 

Classic TBC is stuffed full of quests. You won’t get massive amounts of EXP per quest, but when tackled in batches, they’re far more rewarding than just killing mobs alone. When completing a quest, you are not only rewarded with XP, but also you can get items and WOW TBC Classic Gold. You are not need to cross numerous zones with chaotically placed hubs and flight masters, or find quests under literally every stone as previously you do in the WOW Classic. Now, quest givers can be found where you expect them to be in TBC.

  1. Dungeon farming for reputation 

In World of Warcraft Burning Crusade, the reputation (REP) plays an important role before you reach level 70. All the leveling dungeons have a faction related with them, and all of those ask you to be revered or exalted to obtain certain rewards or attunements. Dungeon grinding can be an incredibly efficient source of experience in WoW Classic TBC. With a group of 5 players, you can clear through instances for fast and efficient XP, while getting dungeon drops that will almost certainly be upgrades over the gear you may have from questing. By 5 people group together to farm dungeons, you can also hit reputation cap (honored) via each dungeon.

  1. Grinding

Grinding refers to when you kill mobs repeatedly that are not part of a quest. Grinding can be very efficient when done in a way that maximizes your rate of experience per hour. This can typically be achieved by playing specific classes such as Protection Paladin or Frost Mage practicing AoE (Area of Effect) pulls. Grinding is most efficient when you are killing mobs of equal level (The level in their portrait is yellow – not green or red).

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