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Chromebook Pixel by Google

Google has launched the Chromebook Pixel, one premium laptop screen with stunning and unique design. It has a 12.85 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 2560 x 1700 pixel, the company says offers the highest resolution in a laptop. Has a ratio of 3:2 and Gorilla Glass for scratch resistance and shock.

Google is goes one step further with the launch of Chromebook and presented in a new Laptop Chromebook Pixel: A laptop 32 GB, touch screen sharpness which boasts speaking for ppi. The Chromebook Pixel does boot in seconds with Intel Core i5 and 32GB SSD, 1TB gives the cloud by Google, and comes with dual Internet Wi-Fi and operates the earliest available mobile network, at least in the U.S..Therefore it does not cost any more $ 200 – $ 300, but 1.300 (Wi-Fi) or $ 1,450 (LTE).


Google has this time, aspires to inspire their colleagues manufacturers Chromebook Pixel as the best there is from each side: hardware, Over time, these medications, as well as street opiates like heroin, can create a physical and psychological dependency that is difficult to overcome without professional help. software and design. To Chromebook Pixel targeted at power users, says Google, which have fully embraced the synnefo.Ta Chromebook Pixel maintain their extremely short boot times, based on Intel Core i5 and drives SSD. The times for the setup and maintenance of the laptop is “almost zero”, the anti-virus protection is integrated into the software update is carried out automatically every few weeks.

Screen Chromebook Pixel is the touchscreen, and the operating responds to touch with which the user arranges windows on the screen, it changes app and edit photos (specifically supported functions tap (option), pinch to zoom («sting» brighten the screen size of the object), swipe the finger movement left- right to switch active applications / photos). Chromebook Pixel has the Intel Core i5 processor and 4 GB memory, while the battery according to Google can last up to five hours. As expected, running the operating Chrome OS.

Google will release two versions of the Chromebook Pixel. The Wi-Fi model with storage, 32 GB, is already marketed in the U.S. and costs $ 1,299. The second edition will have additional LTE modem and disk 64 GB at a price of $ 1,499. The Google, included in the price and 1TB storage for three years, through the Google Drive.

The Wi-Fi version will be available the last week of February, instead of $ 1,299 U.S. and 1,049 pounds in the UK. The LTE version will retail for $ 150 more expensive in the U.S., ie $ 1,449.

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